Tadeusz Nalepa, Mira Kubasinska & Breakout – If You Loved, Hey!

Polish Notes

Tadeusz Nalepa, ira Kubasinska & Breakout – If You Loved Me, Hey!



 If You Loved Me, Hey(1969) 

If you loved me just a little bit, hey
If you loved me as much you don't love me,
If you weren't as you are,
wanted me as much as you don't want me...

You would be a wind and I would be a field, hey
You would be a sky and I would be a poplar, hey
You would be sun and I would be a shadow
If you just changed yourself...

If you weren't in my dreams at night, hey
If you finally left me alone, hey
Maybe I would forgive yeu,
Maybe I would forget...

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