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1 	Dude Boy Boogie 	
2 	Dallas
3 	Poor Boy Blues 	
4 	Courtesy Of Love
5 	Champagne And Reefer
6 	Blues Fell This Morning 	
7 	Going Home 	
8 	Running Back To You
9 	Can't Be Satisfied
10 	My Baby Left Town 	
11 	Out Where The Blue Begins
12 	Dust My Broom 	

Terry Garland - Guitar (Acoustic, Baritone, Electric), National Steel Guitar, Vocals 
Mickey McPhillips - Sax (Baritone)
Richard Ray - Sax (Tenor) 
Mark Wenner - Harmonica 


Showing a deep knowledge and impeccable feel for traditional blues forms, Terry Garland's fourth album is an impressive step forward in his artistic evolution. Joined by Mark Wenner on harmonica, Garland's voice is taking on a weathered quality not dissimilar from that of John Hiatt's, adding another layer of authenticity to his already faithful sound. Still brimming with hypnotic slide playing and primitive foot stomping and positively attacking his National guitar in covers of Johnny Winter's "Dallas" and his original, "Blues Fell This Morning," Garland nonetheless doesn't get stuck in any one gear for too long. A mournful full horn section turns up on the smoldering "Courtesy of Love" and delicate vibes and trombone combine to make a gentle soul-groove cover of Sam Cooke's "Running Back to You." Still, Garland never strays too far from the seminal blues forms that he seems to radiate so effortlessly, never presuming he should write a new chapter in blues history, just happy to trace his finger along the best of the well-worn passages. ---Matt Fink, AllMusic Review


Terry Garland is widely known as a master slide and acoustic blues guitarist. Born in Johnson City, Tennessee, Garland traces his musical roots to such blues greats as Robert Johnson, Jimmy Reed, Blind Willie McTell, Howlin' Wolf and Lighten' Hopkins. He toured with rock, blues and R&B bands before releasing his first solo album, "Trouble in Mind", in 1991. His latest album, "Out Where the Blue Begins", was released in 2001 by Planetary Records. He is presently in the studio working on his next project. Terry currently resides in Richmond, Virginia. He tours throughout the USA, Europe and Japan.

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Chicago - The Blues Yesterday Volume 21 Chicago - The Blues Yesterday Volume 21

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01. I believe I'll go back home
02. Lil's Caldonia boogie

Lil Palmore - vocals, piano
Leonard Caston - guitar
Willie Dixon - bass.
Chicago, Ill. 1948

03. Benny's bounce

Claude Mc Lin - tenor saxophone
Rudy Mason - guitar
Eddie Baker - piano
Walter Sprately - bass
James King - drums. 
Chicago, Ill. 21 july 1950

04. Tennessee waltz
05. Pop goes the Weasel

Claude Mc Lin - tenor saxophone
Norman Simmons - piano
+ band.
Chicago, Ill. november 1950

06. That's cool man
07. Slow drag

Claude Mc Lin - tenor saxophone
L.C. Cohen - vocals
Berkeley Kendrix - piano, organ
Oscar Lee Bradley - drums.
Los Angeles, Ca. february 1958

08. So fine
09. You're looking good

Claude Mc Lin - tenor saxophone
Berkeley Kendrix - organ, guitar
Oscar Lee Bradley - drums. 
Los Angeles, Ca. april 1958

10. Jambo I & II

Claude Mc Lin - tenor saxophone
Daniel Horton - organ
Oliver Berry - drums. 
Los Angeles, Ca. 1964

11. Diggin' my potatoes
12. A.B.C. blues
13. Bone yard blues
14. My black buffalo
15. Tuff luck blues
16. Key to the world

Little Son Joe (Ernest Lawlars) - vocals, guitar
Memphis Minnie - guitar 
Fred Williams - drums. 
Chicago, Ill. 3 february 1939

17. Black rat swing
18. Just to had to holler

Little Son Joe - vocals, guitar
Memphis Minnie - guitar 
Alfred Elkins - bass. 
Chicago, Ill. 12 december 1941

19. Ethel Bea
20. A little too late

Little Son Joe - vocals, guitar
Memphis Minnie - guitar 
Little Brother Montgomery - pno, drums. 
Chicago, Ill. 5 october 1953

21. Free girl
22. Pain
23. My babe
24. I'm your part time love
25. Come back baby
26. Git out

Mitty Collier - vocals
Cash Mc Call - guitar
+ band. 
Chicago, Ill. 1963-67


For this 21st volume of our Chicago/ The Blues Yesterday series, let's delve again into the great diversity of the many blues played in Chicago during the 1940's-60's: jazzy blues, R&B, Country blues coming from the Deep South and Soul blues...

Singer and piano player Lil Palmore was a favorite in the uptown Chicago clubs during the late 1940's: Garrick Stage Bar, Hurricane, Ritz Lounge, Pitts Pub... Outside this Ebony single featured here in which she is backed by Willie Dixon and probably guitarist Leonard Caston, Lil has also recorded with Brother John Sellers, Little Brother Montgomery and Jimmy "Boo Boo" Blazer.

Saxophonist Claude Mc Lin (1925-95) was born in Chicago and studied music at the famous Du Sable High School. He started a musical career in 1946, playing also in the best jazz and R&B Chicago clubs with Lester Young, Gene Ammons or as the leader of his own band. He recorded under his own name from 1950 in Chicago and then Hollywood where he settled down during the mid-50's, being on numerous sessions backing artists like Amos Milburn or Red Callendar.

Little Son Joe (Ernest Lawlars) (1900-61) is of course mostly known as the guitarist husband of the great Memphis Minnie, recording constantly with her from 1939. Before that, Joe (born in Hughes, Arkansas) teamed with Robert Wilkins. Joe also recorded 10 tracks under his own name, mostly his own striking compositions (like the all time classic Black rat swing) between 1939 and 1953.

At last, Mitty Collier (born in Birmingham, Al, 1941), starting to sing Gospel at an early age, shows the beginning of the Chicago Soul blues. She recorded for Ralph Bass more than a dozen singles between 1961 and 1967, backed by the usual Chess session musicians like guitarist Cash McCall. During the late 1960's, Mitty left Chicago, pursuing a career more and more in a Gospel vein. We have selected some of her bluesiest tracks. ---Gerard Herzhaft,

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Black Cat Road - Black Cat Road (2017) Black Cat Road - Black Cat Road (2017)

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01. Crow Stew (3:51)
02. Faith And Ammunition (4:03)
03. Undertow (3:21)
04. Hard Hearted Women (3:10)
05. Rock Salt And Nails (6:34)
06. Watch The Middle (3:51)
07. Work It (3:18)
08. Coal Mine (6:14)
09. Rain Pushing (6:15)
10. Eleanor (4:33)
11. Talk Is Cheap (3:14)
12. Black Cat Road (3:34)
13. Damned (4:48)

Jessica Hines - Vocals
Steve Bailey - Guitar
Kate Seavey - Bass
Don Reed - Multi-Instrumentalist


Brews. Booze. Blues. Sounds good, right? Ridiculously delicious brisket abounded, drinks flowed freely, and Black Cat Road blue the roof off. Where do you go to a foodie event and see everyone crowded around the band, taking videos? ---Amy Paradysz!,


Swamp Rock & Blues, funky, soulful, emotional, rootsy, raw tales from icy bayous, a dirt road with some twists and turns you may want to slow down for.

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Akella Presents Vol.09 CD2 - Country Blues (2013) Akella Presents Vol.09 CD2 - Country Blues (2013)

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01. Big House - I Walk Alone [0:04:40.02]
02. Shaver - Manual Labor [0:03:43.04]
03. Hank Shizzoe - (You Can Keep On) Fallin' Forever And Ever [0:04:16.30]
04. Lynyrd Skynyrd - Hillbilly Blues [0:03:42.07]
05. Jimmy Nail - Cowboy Dreams [0:03:16.20]
06. The Underdogs - Bayou Country [0:03:17.49]
07. John Hiatt - Same Old Man [0:04:04.67]
08. Vince Gill - The Sun's Gonna Shine On You [0:03:21.08]
09. Albert Lee & Hogan's Heroes - Gone Too Long [0:03:27.67]
10. Wiley Hurt - Shotgun Shack [0:03:30.65]
11. Mark Knopfler - Stretching Out [0:04:19.67]
12. J.J.Cale & Eric Clapton - Dead End Road [0:03:30.14]
13. Chris Isaak - Back On Your Side [0:03:03.62]
14. Los Lobos - The Town [0:04:47.67]
15. Peter Karp - Rubber Bands And Wire [0:03:12.60]
16. Norah Jones - What Am I To You [0:03:29.72]
17. Calvin Russell - To you my love [0:03:49.66]
18. John Hammond - Serve Me Right To Suffer [0:04:06.69]
19. J.J.Cale - Precious Memories [0:02:09.00]
20. Keb' Mo' - A Better Man [0:05:15.44]
21. The Notting Hillbillies - Feel Like Going Home [0:04:52.13] 

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Lucky Peterson Blues Band ‎– Tribute To Jimmy Smith (2017) Lucky Peterson Blues Band ‎– Tribute To Jimmy Smith (2017)

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1 	Night Train 	8:47
2 	The Sermon 	6:30
3 	The Champ 	6:47
4 	Jimmy Wants To Groove 	6:39
5 	Singin This Song 4 U 	5:50
6 	Jimmy's Jumpin 	5:20
7 	Misty 	7:58
8 	Back At The Chicken Shack 	7:49
9 	Blues For Wes 	4:45

Drums – Herlin Riley
Guitar – Kelyn Crapp, Philippe Petrucciani (tracks: 9)
Organ, Vocals – Lucky Peterson
Tenor Saxophone, Vocals – Archie Shepp (tracks: 4, 8)
Trumpet – Nicolas Folmer (tracks: A1)


On this album, Lucky Peterson pays tribute to his mentor, jazz legend Jimmy Smith. Fittingly, Peterson performs on Smith's favorite instrument, the Hammond B-3 organ. Peterson's style is anchored in blues with the beat of jazz, the groove of rhythm 'n' blues and the energy of rock 'n' roll. For this recording his virtuoso sidemen include guitarist Kelyn Crapp and drummer Herlin Riley.


When I heard that Lucky Peterson was recording a tribute to pioneering organist Jimmy Smith I was excited. I discovered Jimmy Smith’s music as a teenager in the mid 60’s and bought albums like `The Cat’ and `Organ Grinder Swing’ on import. Lucky Peterson was a baby then but due to his father James Peterson owning a nightclub in Buffalo NY he got to see many great blues & jazz legends play at a young age including organist Bill Doggett. He became interested in the organ and began performing at age 5 later forging a successful music career. I discovered Lucky Peterson in the early 90’s when I bought a CD player and several of his early albums and saw him play live in the US a few years later. I knew that he had the right background and feel to do justice to Jimmy Smith’s music and when I heard the new album I wasn’t disappointed! The Album begins with the Jimmy Forrest classic `Night Train’ which settles into an easy groove with solos from the young San Francisco based guitarist Kelyn Crapp, French trumpeter Nicolas Folmer, and lastly an organ solo that builds nicely from Lucky. The tempo is faster than the original but not quite as up tempo as the Jimmy Smith/Wes Montgomery version. Next is another classic Jimmy Smith track `The Sermon’ again kicking off with a tasteful guitar solo.

Lucky really stretches out his organ solo with some trademark licks for those familiar with his playing and there’s some interesting rhythmic changes too. It lasts for six minutes and thirty seconds whereas the original version by Jimmy Smith was a jamfest which lasted for twenty minutes and featured Kenny Burrell, Lou Donaldson, Lee Morgan and Tina Brooks all soloing, as well as Smith. Another classic track `The Champ’ is next with Lucky really demonstrating his chops. We are nudged out of the gentler groove of the first two tracks. This is a Dizzy Gillespie composition and so of course has a bee bop feel! The next track `Jimmy Wants To Groove’ features the tenor sax and vocals of the now eighty year old legendary jazzman Archie Shepp who sounds like he’s really enjoying the occasion! I think Lucky himself is the vocalist on the next track `Singin’ this Song 4 U’ which seems to be an adaptation of Leon Russell’s `A Song For You). `Jimmy’s Jumpin’ features some percussive rhythms from drummer Herlin Riley and is reminiscent of several Jimmy Smith tracks. A surprise inclusion was the next track `Misty’ which I’ve always associated more with Richard Groove Holmes but I did enjoy this stripped back version just using organ, guitar and drums which again changes rhythm and gradually slows to a beautiful ending. Another classic `Chicken Shack’ gets you grooving again with solos from sax, guitar and organ. The final track `Blues For Wes’ has a great Wes feel to it with some trademark octaves from Kelyn Crapp and again virtuosic organ work from Lucky. In conclusion I’d say this album is a must have for fans of Jimmy Smith or Lucky… ---Tess Coleman,

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Akella Presents Vol.09 CD1 - Country Blues (2013) Akella Presents Vol.09 CD1 - Country Blues (2013)

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01. Mark Knopfler - Devil Baby [0:04:05.27]
02. Jimmy Thackery - Apache [0:03:55.67]
03. Vince Gill - Workin' On A Big Chill [0:04:03.06]
04. Big House - Ain't Slept In Our Bed [0:04:09.45]
05. J.J.Cale - Cajun Moon [0:02:13.72]
06. Lynyrd Skynyrd - Can't Take That Away [0:04:12.17]
07. Shaver - You're Too Much For Me [0:03:07.30]
08. Delta Moon - Higher Ground [0:04:13.26]
09. Gurf Morlix - Blaze Foley's 113th Wet Dream [0:03:04.48]
10. Three Hanks - 'Neath a Cold Gray Tomb of Stone [0:02:54.37]
11. Hank Shizzoe - End Of The Trail [0:04:45.35]
12. George Thorogood - Wanted Man [0:03:57.29]
13. Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris - Beachcombing [0:04:14.16]
14. Dire Straits - Iron Hand [0:03:08.47]
15. The Underdogs - One Kiss [0:02:51.22]
16. Roger Glover - Burn Me Up Slowly [0:04:01.69]
17. Neal Black - The King Of San Antone [0:04:08.61]
18. Rory Gallagher - I'm Not Awake Yet [0:05:24.53]
19. Peter Karp - Runnin' [0:03:28.19]
20. John Kay - Endless Commercial [0:03:25.72]
21. Jimmy Nail - Don't Wanna Go Home [0:04:22.25] 

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Miss Blues & Blinddog Smokin' - Sittin' In (2001) Miss Blues & Blinddog Smokin' - Sittin' In (2001)

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1. Goin Down Slow
2. Black Rat
3. Sinkin', Sinkin', Sinkin'
4. Comfortable Man
5. More Jelly
6. Sell My Monkey
7. Trapped
8. Leave Me Alone
9. Cold Mountains

Miss Blues - Vocals
Roland Junior Bacon - Bass
Jason Coomes - Guitar, Mixing
Chuck Gullens - Percussion, Vocals (Background)
Carl Gustafson - Harmonica, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Chris Lund - Guitar 


We have all seen the Blinddog Smokin' ads in the classifieds of the major blues mags. They are, of course, Laramie Wyoming's hardest working blues band. But who is Miss Blues? Hailing from Direct, TX, Dorothy Choncie Ellis has been singing her famous "Texas Shout" style of blues since the early 40s. The blues was a way of life in her early years. It was common to have Sunday dinner on the ground, walk barefoot to save her shoes, drink well and spring water, wear flour sacks dresses, pick cotton and feel a million miles from nowhere.

This grand old lady of the blues uses her storied past to her advantage on this 9 track, 50 minute disc. With an aged and aching growl, Miss Blues has the perfect voice for "Goin Down Slow".

She and Carl share the vocal duties on the humorous "Comfortable Man" with its sexual lyrics. "Sinkin'" is dedicated to her stepmother and tells her tragic story. With conviction, lyrics are delivered which include: 'I had a little house, like a fool I gave him the title, now I ain't got no house and he even pawned my bible'. "Sell My Monkey" is an uptempo tune which is refreshing after a series of relaxed, traditional blues. Pure, electric blues that is played the way they used to feature on "More Jelly" and "Cold Mountains".

From an interview in Southwest Blues magazine, Miss Blues is quoted, 'Each song I sing takes on its own individual form. I didn't get up one morning and say, hey, I am gonna be a blues singer. I lived the blues in the cotton patch, servant quarters, cooking in white kitchens, being broke, hungry, abusive grandmother, and feeling trapped in a bad situation.' That lifestyle has produced a raw, emotive, passion in her voice which leaps off the disc. Sure, its an acquired taste that won't necessarily attract new listeners but those who enjoy real blues will love it. ---Tim Holek,


A fifth CD by Wyoming blues-rock band Blinddog Smokin' but here they host special guest Miss Blues (Dorothy Ellis). The step was absolutely right. Lady brings enormous passion to this album with her raw and deep voice which in combination with band's work (particular attention should be paid to amazing guitar playing of Jason Coomes) delivers emotional, lowdown, driving Blues. In spite of what is plaid, covers or original compositions, result is all the same - true Blues.

This lady sings the BLUES! Bad thing is Dorothy Ellis was discovered late. Hope it's not too late.

This is what Blinddog's official web-page says about her: "Miss Blues is a carnival with a dress on. How an entertainer of this magnitude, has slipped through the cracks of fame and fortune is a sad testimony to the MTV generation, that apparently has no room on their tv screens for a heart this big. This woman is more fun than a tickling uncle. Her personality spills all over the room like the bubbles of a run-away washing machine. And she can sing! Like the primal scream of a locomotive bursting out of a mountain tunnel."

Passionate, fiery, bursting album! Highly recommended! ---Dimitri,

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Ally Venable Band - Wise Man (2013) Ally Venable Band - Wise Man (2013)

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1.Woke Up This Morning		4:45
2.Wise Man		4:02
3.Sneaky Feeling		2:30
4.Trouble with a Capital T		3:46
5.No Glass Shoes		3:29
6.Mr Raines		4:15
7.Downhearted Blues		3:24

Ally Venable - guitar, vocals
Bobby Wallace - guitar
Kris Wallace - bass
Daniel Douve - drums


For being only 15, Ally Venable has the makings of a strong force in the world of blues music. Ally is lead vocalist and guitarist of the Kilgore-based Ally Venable Band, and her bandmates are blown away by the talent the Kilgore High School freshman possesses for her age.

"Most of my songs are about how people interact with me…like one song was about how I got bullied in middle school. It’s not like a normal bullying; I remember how at lunch, I would sit by myself in the cafeteria, or in the library or somewhere else, and nobody wanted to sit with me. And whenever I would have my shows, people would always throw parties at their house and be like, “Oh, well you were singing,” or something like that. So I wrote “Woke Up This Morning” about how I was through with them, and after that, they didn’t bother me anymore. Other songs that I have written were about stuff that I saw on TV. I wrote “Wise Man” while I was watching “Gossip Girl,” which is about how a boy cheating on the girl which turned out really cool. I just write about different stuff, whatever inspires me. We try to stay in a blues-rock type of feel with our music, and it’s really cool how the band combine our ideas together to make a song...

I’ve always sung in church, like when I was really little, I would sing in the choir. And I remember going into a music store and asking my grandma for a guitar at a very young age. Looking back, that’s how it started. I’ve always had a love for listening to music. At first I sang a bunch of country music, but later in life I began to listen to more varieties of music. My dad likes to listen to blues and my mom likes to listen to metal and ‘80s music. They both love all that stuff and I liked blues a lot. I don’t know why, but I like it a lot. It called to me so I started listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy and Bonnie Raitt, and all those blues artists. I liked it and felt a sincere draw to that style and I started playing it and listening to them and trying to emulate them. Eventually it worked out." ---Amanda Main,

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Texas Blues - Volume 5 Texas Blues - Volume 5

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01. Rushing
02. There goes the girl
03. Monkey see, monkey do

Banny Price - vocals, guitar
Elgie Brown - tenor saxophone
+ band. 
Shreveport, La. July 1964

04. You love me pretty baby n°1
05. You love me pretty baby n°2
06. You know I love you

Banny Price - vocals, guitar
+ band
Tyler, Tx. 1965

07. All around the water tank
08. Little Hat rag
09. New Dallas blues
10. Saint Louis blues
11. You don't mean me no good

Little Hat Jones - vocals, guitar
Naples, Tx. 1964

12. Ugly Mae
13. Shout it out

Conrad Johnson - vocals, alto saxophone
Jimmy Vincent - trumpet
Sam Williams - tenor saxophone
Ed Harris - baritone saxophone, vocals
+ band. 
Houston, Tx. 1948

14. Fisherman blues
15. Howling on Dowling

Conrad Johnson - vocals, alto saxophone
Jimmy Vincent - trumpet
Sam Williams - tenor saxophone
Ed Harris - baritone saxophone, vocals
+ band
Houston, Tx. 1972

16. Between midnight and dawn
17. Ooh Wee baby

Carl Campbell - vocals
+ band
Houston, Tx. March 1949

18. Gettin' high
19. Going down to Nashville

Carl Campbell - vocals
Goree Carter - guitar
Joe Houston - tenor saxophone
+ band
Houston, Tx. May 1949

20. You've been fiddling around

Carl Campbell (as King Tut) - vocals
Henry Hayes - alto saxophone
Ed Wiley - tenor saxophone
Willie Johnson - piano
Don Cooks - bass
Ben Turner - drums
Houston, Tx. 12 January 1950

21. Cotton picker's blues
22. My heart is going down slow

Carl Campbell - vocals
Henry Hayes - alto saxophone
Ed Wiley - tenor saxophone
Willie Johnson - piano
Goree Carter - guitar
Don Cooks - bass
Ben Turner - drums
Houston, Tx. March 1950

23. Traveling on
24. Early morning blues

Carl Campbell - vocals
Henry Hayes - alto saxophone
Elmore Nixon - piano
+ band
Houston, Tx. September 1950


Singer and guitar player Banny Price is quite ill documented. He was playing for sure during the 1960's around Shreveport and East Texas. He recorded two excellent sessions, once for Ram Records at Shreveport and another at Tyler's Texas Robin Hood Brian Studios, produced by Ken Demary with the masterpiece OtisRushesque You love me pretty baby. Unfortunately, we don't know what happened after that to this very interesting bluesman.

Little Hat Jones, on the contrary, is a legendary bluesman, having recorded classic tracks for Okeh in 1929-30 and also backing Texas Alexander. Born Dennis (or George) Jones on 5 October 1899 at Bowie Cy (Tx), he seemed to have disappeared after 1930. But blues researcher Robert Tilling's tenacity finally unearthed (during the late 1990's) an article, an interview (with live recordings!) and photos from Little Hat Jones that were done in 1962-64 by a local journalist Morris Craig for The Monitor, a newspaper from Naples (Tx). This is the last testimony of one of the true Texas blues pioneer. At that time, Jones was a retired man from the Red River Army Depot at Texarkana. Little Hat Jones died at Linden on 7th March 1981.

Singer and sax-player Conrad Johnson (1915-2008) has had a long career as a musician and bandleader who recorded a handful of tracks under his name but many more behind other Texas artists. Johnson was also (and maybe foremost) a well known music teacher at Houston.

Singer and pianist Carl Campbell (1933-93) started a musical career in Houston at an early age (1948!), recording several sessions for Freedom, Sittin' In With, Peacock... He was also running for a long time his own Carl's Club in Houston in which he was regularly playing.

Thanks to Robert Tilling for his article on Little Hat Jones in Blues & Rhythm 135/171 and Sir Shambling for infos about Banny Price. ---Gérard Herzhaft,

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Black Cat Bones - Marquee '68 (1968) Black Cat Bones - Marquee '68 (1968)

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1 	I Want To Know 	
2 	Fulltime Lover 	
3 	Killing Floor 	
4 	Ain't Superstition 	
5 	Rock Me Baby 	
6 	Don't Start Me Talkin' 	
7 	The Hunter 	
8 	I Got A Mind To Give Up Living 	
9 	Train Blues 	
10 	You Don't Have To Go

Paul Tiller - vocals and harmonica
Paul Kossoff - lead guitar
Derek Brooks - rhythm guitar
Stu Brooks - bass
Terry Sims - drums


Black Cat Bones was a British heavy blues rock group from London. The band formed in 1966 with original members Paul Tiller (vocals and harmonica), lead guitarist Paul Kossoff, brothers Derek Brooks (rhythm guitar) and Stu Brooks (bass), and drummer Terry Sims. The band is perhaps best known for having had Kossoff and Simon Kirke in its lineup. Kossoff and Kirke later joined Free in 1968 and Kirke also became a founding member of Bad Company in 1974.

Black Cat Bones (named after a voodoo talisman associated with blues music) played regularly on the London pub circuit.[1] Early in the band's existence came several personnel changes, with Terry Sims being replaced by drummer Frank Perry. Perry would be replaced in early 1968 by drummer Simon Kirke. Paul Tiller was later replaced by vocalist Brian Short.

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