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1. Too Many Drivers (Little Car Blues) - Andrew "Smokey" Hogg, Broonzy, W.L.C.
2. I'm Gonna Find Your Trick
3. My Christmas Baby
4. Oh Woman, Oh Woman - Andrew "Smokey" Hogg, Pullum, Joe
5. (Good Mornin') Little School Girl - Andrew "Smokey" Hogg, Williamson, J.L.
6. Long Tall Mama - Andrew "Smokey" Hogg, Broonzy, Big Bill
7. Worryin' Mind - Andrew "Smokey" Hogg,
8. Goin' Back to Texas
9. He Knows How Much We Can Bear - Andrew "Smokey" Hogg, Dorsey, T.A.
10. The Way You Treat Me (I Got Your Picture) - Andrew "Smokey" Hogg,
11. You Gonna Look Like a Monkey (When You Get Old) - Andrew "Smokey" Hogg,
12. Look in Your Eyes Pretty Mama
13. You Won't Stay Home
14. I'm in Love With You
15. I Love You Baby, Pt. 2 - Andrew "Smokey" Hogg, Hogg, Andrew "Smoke
16. What in the World Am I Gonna Do?
17. (Let's Go) Back to the Country
18. They Were Right - Andrew "Smokey" Hogg, Fritz, J.
19. Great Big Mama
20. Key to My Door
21. It's Rainin' Here - Andrew "Smokey" Hogg,
22. Penitentiary Blues, Pt.1and2

Goree Carter - Guitar
Donald Cooks - Bass
Bill Davis - Bass
Joe Fritz - Sax (Tenor), Vocals
Andrew "Smokey" Hogg - Arranger, Composer, Guitar, Vocals
Willie Johnson - Piano
Ben Turner - Drums
Al Wichard - Drums
Ed Wiley, Jr. - Sax (Tenor)


Andrew "Smokey" Hogg may not get the accolades that fellow Texans T-Bone Walker, Lightnin' Hopkins, and Gatemouth Brown receive, but during the late 1940s, he was among the Lone Star State's most commercially successful blues musicians while recording for the Bihari brothers' Modern label, the future home of B.B King among others. As Ray Topping's booklet notes point out, Hogg had one foot in the prewar blues traditions of his home state and the other in the stylings of popular urban blues musicians of the 1930s such as Leroy Carr, Big Bill Broonzy, and Peetie Wheatstraw. Despite his postwar recording success, Hogg's sound remained rooted in the past and never evolved to a more sophisticated level as was the case with many of his contemporaries. As a result, his style and guitar techniques can come off as coarse and undisciplined to some ears. However, for those who are more forgiving about things like being slightly out of tune and occasionally striking the wrong note, Hogg will come off as a delightful throwback to the Texas blues of the 1920s and 1930s. ---

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Smokey Hogg - Sings The Blues (1961) Smokey Hogg - Sings The Blues (1961)

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Side One:
1. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
2. Coming Back Home To You
3. Look In Your Eyes Pretty Mama
4. You Can't Keep Your Business
5. Worryin Mind
6. My Baby's Worryin' Me

Side Two:
1. Runaway
2. You Just Gotta Go
3. It' Raining Here
4. I Got Your Picture
5. When You Get Old
6. Goin Back To Chicago

1.Too Many Drivers
2. Countr Country 
3. What More Can A Woman Do
4. Oh Woman, Oh Woman
5. Long Tall Mama

Smokey Hogg - vocals
Joe Josea, Smokey Hogg - arranger


Texas bluesman Andrew "Smokey" Hogg's greatest talent was his dogged persistence, since he couldn't keep a steady rhythm to save his life, and paired as he usually was with professional rhythm sections who were understandably baffled by Hogg's beat-baffled detours, it is truly a miracle that he recorded as much and as long as he did. This set collects 21 tracks Hogg recorded for the Modern and Combo imprints in the early '50s, and it is music for the unsteady of feet, since it lurches more than it rocks or rolls. Song after song starts out hopefully, only to derail into rhythmic chaos as the drummer and bass player struggle to find firm footing on what is hopelessly shifting ground. It really is fascinating to behold, and songs like the almost internally coherent "It's Rainin' Here" manage to work mostly because Hogg just never quits charging ahead. This same determination makes other tracks here like "You Can't Keep Your Business Straight," "Worryin' Mind," and the undeniably goofy but somehow endearing "Runaway" succeed in spite of their rhythmic uncertainties. There's no way to doctor this stuff, so what you hear is what you get. --- Steve Leggett, Rovi

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