Bukka White - Nothing But The Blues (1996)

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Bukka White - Nothing But The Blues (1996)

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01.  Good Gin Blues
02.  Shake 'Em On Down		play
03.  When Can I Change My Clothes
04.  High Fever Blues
05.  Bukka's Jitterburg Swing
06.  District Atterney Blues
07.  Strange Place Blues
08.  Sleepy Man Blues
09.  Pinebluff Arkansas
10.  Fixin' To Die Blues
11.  Special Streamline
12.  Black Train Blues
13.  Parchman Farm Blues		play
14.  Aberdeen Mississippi Blues

Bukka White – guitar, vocals


Booker T. Washington “Bukka” White (November 12, 1906– February 26, 1977) was a delta blues guitarist and singer born near Houston, Mississippi. Even though he didn’t like the spelling “Bukka”, he was best known by that name. He gave his more famous cousin B.B. King his first guitar, a Stella. Bukka himself is remembered as a player of National Steel guitars. He also played, but was less adept at, the piano.

White started his career playing fiddle at square dances. He claims to have met Charley Patton early on, although some doubt has been cast upon this; regardless, Patton was a large influence on White. He typically played slide guitar, in an open tuning. He was one of the few, along with Skip James, to use a crossnote tuning in Em, which he may have learned, as James did, from Henry Stuckey. -----Gravejr, last.fm

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