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1. I Know You By Heart
2. Time Is A Healer
3. Wayfaring Stranger
4. Wade In The Water
5. Blues In The Night
6. Songbird
7. Need Your Love So Bad
8. Say Goodbye
9. Nightbird
10. Waly Waly
11. How Can I Keep From Singing?

Eva Cassidy - Cello, Guitars, Keyboards, Strings, Vocals, Wah Wah Guitar
Chris Biondo - Bass, Guitar (Acoustic), Producer
Chuck Brown - Vocals (Background)
Mark Carson - Piano, Vocals (Background)
Dan Cassidy - Violin
Doug Elliot - Trombone
Anthony Flowers - Organ
John Gillespie - Organ, Vocals (Background)
Keith Grimes - Guitar (Electric)
Dan Haverstock - Trombone
William Ju Ju House - Drums
Raice McLeod - Drums
Larry Melton - Bass
Leigh Pilzer - Sax (Baritone), Sax (Tenor)
Mike Stein - Violin
Karen Van Sant 	- Violin
Chris Walker - Trumpet
Lenny Williams - Keyboards, Organ, Strings
Kent Wood – Piano


An album both haunting and inspiring, tragic and mesmerizing, Eva by Heart was the singer's only true studio album, and hints at the promise which was never to materialize due to her early demise from cancer. Five of the songs on this set ("I Know You by Heart," "Time Is a Healer," "Wayfaring Stranger," "Wade in the Water," and "Songbird") appear on her Songbird collection. The import version of Eva by Heart contains an extra track, "Dark End of the Street," which does not appear on the American version, or on any of her albums for that matter. The styles range from folksy (the sweet "I Know You by Heart"), to soulful ("Time Is a Healer"), to introspective ("Say Goodbye," "Waly Waly"), to downright rousing ("Wayfaring Stranger," "How Can I Keep From Singing?") and bluesy ("Blues in the Night."). Eva's voice always sounds crystalline, and her interpretive skills are unmatched (as evidenced on her lovely take of Christine McVie's "Songbird"). The woman had the power to transform a standard or a traditional into her own song, and she could belt out the blues just as good as anybody else (take one listen to "Blues in the Night" or her duet with Chuck Brown, "Need Your Love So Bad"). This disc, as with any of her works, and the posthumous fame she achieved but never sought, stand as testimony as to how true artistry, despite whatever circumstances, has the capacity to transcend, and her story should prove inspiring to any truly talented and struggling musician out in the world. --- Jose F. Promis,

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Eva Cassidy – Songbird (1998) Eva Cassidy – Songbird (1998)

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1. Fields Of Gold
2. Wade In The Water
3. Autumn Leaves
4. Wayfaring Stranger
5. Songbird
6. Time Is A Healer
7. I Know You By Heart
8. People Get Ready
9. Oh Had I A Golden Thread
10. Over The Rainbow


Though many recording artists meld and straddle a variety of genres, few if any defy categorization by excelling in so many disparate styles as the late Eva Cassidy. The diverse offerings from the evocative thrush from Washington, D.C. -- who died tragically of melanoma in 1996 at age 33 -- run the gamut from the radio-friendly pop cover of Sting's "Fields of Gold" to a jazz chanteuse rendition of the standard "Autumn Leaves" to the soulful R&B of Curtis Mayfield's "People Get Ready" to her spine-tingling gospel delivery of "Oh, Had I a Golden Thread." Cassidy's mastery of each is perhaps best evidenced by the fact that the Washington Area Music Association honored her (in 1996) as Best Female Vocalist in four separate categories: blues, contemporary jazz, traditional jazz, and roots rock/traditional R&B, in addition to naming her Artist of the Year, and her then-current release, Live At Blues Alley, Album of the Year. Songbird is a posthumous anthology culled from that album and her other solo release, Eva By Heart, along with one track from her 1992 duet album with Chuck Brown titled The Other Side. Though the production value on several songs falls well short of state of the art, the shimmering beauty of her crystal-clear voice, combined with her seemingly limitless range and imaginative phrasing, cuts through to both heart and soul. Whether she beckons a soothing timbre for seductively restrained passages or shakes the rafters by unleashing her formidable power and gorgeous falsetto, Cassidy's warblings always fuse her purity of tone with a purity of emotion and a palpable connection with the lyric. Though the songs described above are luscious, the coup de maître is the album's finale -- surely one of the great recordings in popular music of the time -- Cassidy's stunning version of "Over the Rainbow." Recorded with only her own accompaniment on acoustic guitar, keyboards, and synthesizer, Cassidy's voice swoops and soars over a musical panorama -- though with a wistful, melancholic shading that almost seems to betray a premonition of her own demise, despite the fact that it would be nearly four years before she would be diagnosed with her terminal illness. Cassidy more than rearranges the Judy Garland classic -- she reinvents it. The song is immediately familiar, yet the beautiful colors that arc the sky are very much hers. In an eerie coincidence, if one inverts the two words contained in the album's title, Songbird (which was taken from her straightforward rendition of the Fleetwood Mac cut), the result is "Bird Song." The irony is that "Bird Song" is the title of the Grateful Dead's ode to another phenomenal woman singer whose melodious flight was tragically cut short: Janis Joplin. One could argue that its lyrics and sentiment are equally apropos of Eva Cassidy. ---Scott Taylor,

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Eva Cassidy – Live At Blues Alley (1997) Eva Cassidy – Live At Blues Alley (1997)

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01. Cheek To Cheek
02. Stormy Monday
03. Bridge Over Troubled Water
04. Fine And Mellow
05. People Get Ready
06. Blue Skies
07. Tall Trees In Georgia
08. Fields of Gold
09. Autumn Leaves
10. Honeysuckle Rose
11. Take Me To The River
12. What A Wonderful World
13. Oh, Had I A Golden Thread
Eva Cassidy (acoustic guitar, electric guitar); Keith Grimes (electric guitar); Lenny Williams (piano); Chris Biondo (bass guitar); Raice McLeod (drums).


The late Eva Cassidy gained a loyal following in the Washington, D.C., area through appearances in small clubs, utilizing her pitch-perfect singing voice to interpret a variety of tunes ranging from standards to modern-era pop songs. A notoriously shy performer, Eva Cassidy had a somewhat stiff stage presence, but she endeared herself to her audiences by performing songs she obviously loved, combining elements of soul, gospel, blues, and jazz. Live at Blues Alley is an excellent showcase for her vocal talents and her ability to make even the most familiar tune uniquely her own. Admittedly, the titles on Live at Blues Alley seem like a set list for a bad Vegas lounge act; songs such as Irving Berlin's "Cheek to Cheek" and Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World" have been done to death for decades. Fortunately, Eva Cassidy had an obvious affection for these standards. She sounds as if she had a ball performing the Irving Berlin number, while her subtle reading of the Louis Armstrong tune is nothing less than extraordinary. She was equally successful with more contemporary pop classics like "Bridge Over Troubled Water" and "Take Me to the River." Ultimately, the slower songs are the most stirring, particularly her rendition of "Fields of Gold." Her tear-jerking version of the Sting tune could very well be one of the greatest cover songs ever recorded. Eva Cassidy's popularity slowly began to spread outside of the D.C. area upon the release of this album in early 1996. Unfortunately, Eva Cassidy passed away later that year, just as she began laying the groundwork for what could have been a stellar career n music. However, her posthumous success has been astonishing, with worldwide critical acclaim and extensive exposure on British television that helped her album Songbird climb to number one on the British album chart in March, 2001. Live at Blues Alley was the only solo album released during Eva Cassidy's lifetime (an album recorded with Chuck Brown, The Other Side, was also released), and it's an excellent introduction to a performer who never lived to witness the impact her voice made on her fans all over the world. ---William Cooper, Rovi

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Eva Cassidy - The Best of Eva Cassidy (2002) Eva Cassidy - The Best of Eva Cassidy (2002)

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1. Fever
2. At Last
3. Autumn Leaves
4. Blue Skies
5. Bridge Over Trouble Water
6. Early Morcing Rain
7. Emotional Step
8. Fields Of God
9. I Can Only Be Me
10. I Know Sou By Hart
11. I Wandered By A Brookside
12. Imagine
13. It Doesn’t Matter Anymore
14. What A Wonderful World
15. When It’s Too Late
16. Woodstock
17. Over The Rainbow (w/ Chuck Brown)
18. You Don’t Know Me (w/ David Gray)
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Lead Guitar, Keyboards [Keyboard Strings] – Eva Cassidy Strings – Carole Evans, Edgardo Malaga Jr., Jennifer Ries, Mark Evans, Mary Kim Walsh Bass, Drum Programming – Chris Biondo Bass – Chris Biondo Double Bass [Upright Bass] – Larry Melton Drums – Raice McLeod Drums, Congas – William 'Ju Ju' House Electric Guitar – Keith Grimes Guitar – Steve Digman Piano – Lenny Williams Backing Vocals – Bryant Roberts, Dontane Lane, Eric D. Dorsey, Troy W-D Brown, Sr. Organ – Kent Wood Trumpet – Chris Walker


Eva Cassidy's story is a sad one, certainly, but the bittersweet happy ending to it all is that her singing, music, and recordings continue to live on and gather fans and admirers even after her early death from melanoma cancer in 1996 at the age of 33. Cassidy was never really known outside of the Washington D.C. area during her lifetime, and her recorded legacy consists of a live album, assorted other live tracks, an album of duets, and a handful of demos. She was a masterful song interpreter, able to take on almost any song in any style or genre and spin her voice around it, giving it a kind of haunting and sincere freshness. This set makes a great introduction to Cassidy's style and substance, collecting her key and signature performances from all of the above sources. ---Steve Leggett,

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Chuck Brown & Eva Cassidy - The Other Side (1992) Chuck Brown & Eva Cassidy - The Other Side (1992)

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1. Let The Good Times Roll
2. Fever
3. You Don't Know Me
4. I Could Have Told You So
5. Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You
6. I'll Go Crazy
7. You Don't Know What Love Is
8. Drown In My Own Tears
9. God Bless The Child
10. Red Top
11. Dark End Of The Street, The
12. Shadow Of Your Smile, The
13. Over The Rainbow
14. You've Changed 

Chuck Brown (vocals, guitar); Eva Cassidy (vocals, guitar, keyboards); Keith Grimes, 
Dave Lourim (guitar); Dan Cassidy (violin); Matthew Allen (strings); Philip Jehle (clarinet); 
Tom Crawford, Donnell Floyd, C.J. (saxophone); Gilbert Pryor, The Reverend Pope, 
"Little" Benny Harley (trumpet); Roy Battle (trombone); Lenny Williams (piano, vibes); 
Mark "Godfather" Lawson (organ); Kent Wood (organ, synthesizer); Chris Biondo (bass, congas); 
Keter Betts (upright bass); Raice McLeod, Jim Campbell, Ju Ju House (drums); 
William Cook (congas); Darryl Andrews (percussion).


Online CD shops where you can sample tracks before purchasing the disc are especially helpful with Chuck Brown, whose music is rarely programmed on radio. The Other Side consists of '40s and '50s supper-club sounds. Eva Cassidy sings on more than half of the tracks, soloing and performing a number of duets, including "You Don't Know Me," "I Could Have Told You So," and "I'll Go Crazy." The '60s deep soul classic "Dark End of the Street" is the most modern song. Lovers of '50s MOR will love this release; everyone else, will not. --- Andrew Hamilton,

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