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1 	When Will The Next Blow Fall 	3:56
2 	Where You Are Going To 	5:51
3 	Back Where You Belong 	3:43
4 	Jigsaw 	3:20
5 	The Fruits Of Your Desire 	3:30
6 	We Will Be Together Someday 	4:59
7 	Ain't No Use To Worry 	3:18
8 	In Too Deep 	3:17
9 	I'm Holding On To You 	4:49
10 	Delusion Sweet Delusion 	3:33

Robin Trower - Guitar, Vocals, Bass
Chris Taggart – Drums


Robin Trower is five decades into his professional music career and showing no signs of slowing down. On May 6, the 71-year-old guitarist will release his latest solo effort Where You Are Going To, a 10-track album that continues Trower’s tradition of dispersing sharp moments of intricate guitar work among deeper psychedelic-trending movements. Joined by Chris Taggart on drums and taking care of the guitar, bass and vocals himself, Trower’s Where You Are Going To taps directly into his stream of consciousness, reflective of times of worry, longing, frustration and joy that are alternately simple and complex, but always timeless.

Where You Are Going To opens with a repeating hi-hat that pricks the ear before Trower’s soft guitar riff slips in to kick off “When Will the Next Blow Fall.” The song starts slowly, quietly – and by the time the bass and drums join in, Trower’s ready to pick up the pace. The title track follows, a bluesy number that serves as a reminder of the comparisons critics have drawn between Trower’s and Jimi Hendrix’s playing styles since the 1960s. Trower’s voice echoes slightly in “Where You are Going To,” a subtle nod to the lyrical themes of distance and movement. One of the album’s most honest moments appears a few tracks later on “We Will Be Together Someday,” a song Trower wrote for his late wife. “Wide awake, in the dark,” he begins mournfully, leading slowly to the title’s promise: “We will be together someday.” The lyrics evoke loneliness and yearning; the guitar chords are sparse and drive the emotion home.

Songwriting aside, this album shows that Trower’s soloing abilities are in peak condition. He jams for nearly a full minute on “The Fruits of Your Desire,” encouraging his listeners to lose themselves in the music (as perhaps he himself does). Where You Are Going To is notable as much for these poignant moments as for its smaller details – the hi-hat in “When Will the Next Blow Fall,” the bass compliments on “Where You Are Going To” – that form the album’s identity. It’s thoughtful and judicious, capable of grabbing its audience with short guitar bursts amid the mellow tempos of most tracks. Throw Trower in with the rest of the blues greats – reflective and respectful of the universal emotions that pester all listeners, Where You Are Going To, simply put, is the blues. --- Meghan Roos,

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Robin Trower – State to State: Live Across America 1974-80 (2013) Robin Trower – State to State: Live Across America 1974-80 (2013)

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01. Twice Removed From Yesterday (Live - Philadelphia '74) [00:04:11]
02. Lady Love (Live - Philadelphia '74) [00:03:00]
03. Daydream (Live - Philadelphia '74) [00:07:40]
04. Too Rolling Stoned (Live - Philadelphia '74) [00:05:54]
05. I Can't Wait Much Longer (Live - Philadelphia '74) [00:06:46]
06. Day Of The Eagle (Live - Philadelphia '74) [00:03:59]
07. A Little Bit Of Sympathy (Live - Philadelphia '74) [00:05:11]
08. Bridge Of Sighs (Live - California '74) [00:05:35]
09. Alethea (Live - California '74) [00:04:06]
10. Rock Me Baby (Live - California '74) [00:04:59]

01. Daydream (Live - Illinois '76) [00:10:26]
02. Same Rain Falls (Live - Illinois '76) [00:03:35]
03. Sailing (Live - Illinois '76) [00:05:12]
04. Long Misty Days (Live - Illinois '76) [00:04:59]
05. I Can't Wait Much Longer (Live - Illinois '76) [00:06:46]
06. Too Rolling Stoned (Live - Illinois '76) [00:09:05]
07. Somebody Calling (Live - Oklahoma '77) [00:06:07]
08. Bluebird (Live - Oklahoma '77) [00:04:20]
09. The Ring (Live - Missouri '80) [00:02:47]
10. Jack and Jill (Live - Missouri '80) [00:03:34]
11. The Shout (Live - Missouri '80) [00:02:34]
12. Hannah (Live - Missouri '80) [00:01:20]
13. Victims of the Fury (Live - Missouri '80) [00:03:53]
14. Mad House (Live - Missouri '80) [00:03:06]


A two CD set released on October 04, 2013 includes twenty-four previously unissued 'live' performances by the Robin Trower band. The album includes performances recorded in Philadelphia and California (1974), Illinois (1976), Oklahoma (1977), and Missouri (1980).

The late, and supremely gifted, James Dewar sings on each track on the album, and plays bass guitar on all but two tracks on Disc 2: 'Somebody Calling' and 'Bluebird'. Robin was feeling his way into a new phase of his career, and brought in Rustee Allen on bass guitar with the intention of exploring, to an extent, funkier rhythms and sounds. Robin believed this would enable Jimmy Dewar to concentrate on fresh ways of delivering his distinctive and expressive voice. Whether this experiment was successful, or not, is left to the listener to decide, and those lucky to see the different groups in performance. I believe the personnel change, while 'transforming' the scope of Robin's music, left James Dewar, musically and personally, exposed on stage without his bass guitar.

All of the tracks on Disc 1 feature the magnificent drumming of the late Reg Isidore. Disc 2 highlights a significant change to the group; Bill Lordan replacing Reg Isidore on drums. Both excellent musicians, with different musical identities and style. I believe that Bill Lordan's musicianship, and presence, improved the sound of the group in performance, and also in the studio. His drumming is inspired and dynamic, and enabled Robin to explore different musical concepts. The version of 'Alethea' recorded in California in 1974 highlights the contrasting techniques and creative abilities of both drummers.

This 'live' collection contains music of the highest caliber (even where the recordings are of a low standard, and Robin's guitar tone is adversely affected by feedback, and malfunctioning effects pedals) played by superb musicians, and fronted by a guitar player who pushes himself to the limit each time he takes to the stage.

For me, the highlight of the performances are those recorded in Illinois, during 1976. All of the tracks, especially, 'Daydream', the wonderful 'Same Rain Falls', and 'Too Rolling Stoned' contain some of Robin's most expressive, moving, and inventive guitar playing. His excellent musicianship, guitar tone, and use of effects, confirm that Robin had arrived at an artistic peak. This, however, could not have been achieved without the evocative, subtle, and tremendous James Dewar on vocals & bass, and Bill Lordan on drums, who both combined to create a tight and superb rhythm section.

The track 'Sailing' is remarkable and atmospheric. Not to everyone's taste, but it suits mine. Jimmy is in great voice, and the melodic groove is of deep emotional depth. Robin's guitar tone on 'Long Misty Days' resembles a jet aircraft taking-off with its huge, brooding sound. The live performance is magical and contains some of Robin's most eloquent and emotive playing.

A striking feature of the recordings is the power, texture, and soulful voice of James Dewar. At times, the unique quality of Jimmy's voice elevates itself above the atmospheric music, and the listener is drawn to the magical and beautiful expressiveness of his vocals. Magnificent music. ---

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Robin Trower - Roots And Branches (2013) Robin Trower - Roots And Branches (2013)

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01. Hound Dog
02. The Thrill Is Gone
03. When I Heard Your Name
04. Little Red Rooster
05. I Believe To My Soul
06. Shape Of Things To Come
07. That's Alright Mama
08. Save Your Love
09. Born Under A Bad Sign
10. Sheltered Moon
11. See My Life

Robin Trower (vocals, guitars); 
Luke Smith (keyboards); 
Chris Taggart (drums).


I don’t think I will ever understand why Robin Trower isn’t talked about in the same hushed tones as Clapton or Beck or the Kings. Apart from the fact that he hasn’t courted the press acclaim of those or pandered toi the Blues/Rock brethren that believe that anyone who plays a Stevie Ray Vaughan riff is a genius he really hasn’t done anything wrong. What he has done, since the mid-sixties, is play a style of Blues guitar that is original, recognisable and absolutely trippy this guy could have written the book on psych guitar if he had stopped playing long enough to do so.

This album his 31st if you except live albums sees him mixing classicsa with his own material but the treatment of the classics is all about the song and his treatment no copying of anyone elses style or repeating the classic lines. Hear his version of Little Red Rooster; everyone knows the Stones version and there ought’n be too many who don’t know the Willie Dixon/Howling Wolf original but he takes the song and adds a relaxed positivity to it that takes out the brashness of Jagger or the tweeness of Carla Thomas and gives you a song that is new and completely familiar at the same time. Or take a listen to That’s Alright Mama Elvis and Big Mama Thornton laid down the classic versions and Arthur Crudup (Big Boy) wrote it and released the first version back in 1946. This version is a stone killer with a blasting riff and brilliantly funky tones. He also covers Leiber & Stoller’s Hound Dog and takes it much closer to Big Mama Thornton’s blast than Elvis’s (great harmonica from Paul Jones).

His original songs fit in well alongside the classics and there isn’t any obvious gap in quality he has been at it long enough to be able to apply his sound to these songs and the result if pure Trower. There aren’t many around today who can take a Strat and make music that doesn’t sound derivative or slavish Robin Trower is one of the best. ---Andy Snipper,

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Robin Trower – Ebbets Field 1973 Robin Trower – Ebbets Field 1973

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1 The Fool and Me
2 Twice Removed From Yesterday
3 Lady Love
4 Daydream
5 Another Day Another Night (aka - Day of the Eagle)
6 I Can't Wait Much Longer
7 Man of the World
8 Sinner's Song
9 Little Bit of Sympathy
10 I Can't Stand It
August 6, 1973 Ebbets Field, Denver, CO


For those who wonder who is Robin Trower, well let me tell you that is known as "The white Jimmy Hendrix".......he is around 70 years old now, and still playing. This is a very early FM Broadcast of Robin when he was playing 2 sets a night. This broadcast includes two songs from the yet to be released classic Bridge of Sighs. In fact, the arrangement, lyrics and the name of Day of the Eagle is different. Robin introduces the song as "Another Day Another Night" which were lyrics in the album version. Little Bit of Sympathy was the other song included in this set which had not been released.

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Robin Trower – What Lies Beneath (2009)09 Robin Trower – What Lies Beneath (2009)

1. 	"Wish You Were Mine"   	4:02
2. 	"What Lies Beneath"   	3:30
3. 	"As You Watch The City Fall (Part 1)"   	3:25
4. 	"As You Watch The City Fall (Part 2)"   	2:12
5. 	"Freefall"   	3:05
6. 	"Once The Spell Is Broken"   	4:57
7. 	"Sleeping On The Moon"   	3:40
8. 	"Time And Emotion"   	4:39
9. 	"Skin And Bone"   	3:04
10. 	"Buffalo Blues"   	4:56
11. 	"Find A Place"   	4:51

    Robin Trower - guitar, vocals
    Livingston Brown - bass guitar
    Sam Van Essen - drums
    Roger Cotton - organ
    Andrew Haveron & Clare Hinton - strings
    Chris Taggart - drums on tracks 2, 8 & 9


Though Robin Trower found his greatest career success in the mid-'70s, his intensely soulful brand of Jimi Hendrix-inspired psychedelic blues-rock guitar playing helped him maintain a healthy audience decades past his commercial heyday. During his long career he worked with several different singers, most notably ex-Stone the Crows bassist James Dewar, who, along with drummer Bill Lordan, constituted the "classic" Robin Trower band lineup found on the legendary albums Live! and Bridge of Sighs. Surprisingly, however, Trower himself never assumed sole lead vocal duties until 2009's What Lies Beneath. Fortunately, the veteran rocker was revealed to be possessed of wonderfully earthy, R&B-influenced pipes often reminiscent of J.J. Cale and Dire Straits' Mark Knopfler. On the majority of tracks, including highlights "Time and Emotion" and "Wish You Were Mine," the London native favors a mellower, more ethereal approach that will please lovers of vintage fan favorites "Daydream" and "I Can't Wait Much Longer." That said, there are a few nods to Trower's "Day of the Eagle"/"Too Rolling Stoned"-style power blues numbers of yore, especially on the viciously funky, Thin Lizzy-esque "Skin and Bone" and the muscular, hooky "Freefall." As with the majority of Robin Trower's catalog, however, the most striking feature about What Lies Beneath is the man's utter mastery of electric guitar tone and phrasing. Though the vocals and songwriting are appealingly solid, it's the deeply emotional warmth of Trower's subtly magnificent Stratocaster work that will put listeners under the virtuoso axe slinger's aural spell. ---Pemberton Roach, Rovi

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Robin Trower - Bridge of Sighs 1974 (2007) Robin Trower - Bridge of Sighs 1974 (2007)

1	Day of the Eagle	 	5:03
2	Bridge of Sighs	 	5:02
3	In This Place	 	4:30
4	The Fool and Me	 	3:56
5	Too Rolling Stoned	 	7:32
6	About to Begin	 	3:46
7	Lady Love	 	3:20
8	Little Bit of Sympathy	 	4:21
	John Peel Session, 5th March 1974	 	
9	Bridge of Sighs	 	4:54
10	In This Place	 	4:05
11	Alethea	 	3:55
12	Little Bit of Sympathy	 	3:53
	John Peel Session: 28th January 1975	 	
13	Fine Day	 	3:23
14	Confessin' Midnight	 	4:47
15	It's Only Money	 	5:01
16	Gonna Be More Suspicious	 	2:59

Robin Trower - guitar 
James Dewar - bass, vocals 
Reg Isidore - drums 


Guitarist Robin Trower's watershed sophomore solo disc remains his most stunning, representative, and consistent collection of tunes. Mixing obvious Hendrix influences with blues and psychedelia, then adding the immensely soulful vocals of James Dewar, Trower pushed the often limited boundaries of the power trio concept into refreshing new waters. The concept gels best in the first track, "Day of the Eagle," where the opening riff rockingly morphs into the dreamy washes of gooey guitar chords that characterize the album's distinctive title track that follows. At his best, Trower's gauzy sheets of oozing, wistful sound and subtle use of wah-wah combine with Dewar's whisky-soaked soul-drenched vocals to take a song like the wistful ballad "In This Place" into orbit. "Too Rolling Stoned," another highlight and one of the most covered tracks from this album, adds throbbing, subtle funk to the mix, changing tempos midway to a slow, forceful amble on top of which Trower lays his quicksilver guitar. One of the few Robin Trower albums without a weak cut, Bridge of Sighs holds up to repeated listenings as a timeless work, as well as the crown jewel in Trower's extensive yet inconsistent catalog. ---Hal Horowitz, Rovi

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Robin Trower – 20th Century Blues (1994) Robin Trower – 20th Century Blues (1994)

1. 	"20th Century Blues"   	  	3:13
2. 	"Prisoner of Love"   	  	3:43
3. 	"Precious Gift"   	  	4:03
4. 	"Whisper up a Storm"   	  	4:02
5. 	"Extermination Blues"   	  	4:51
6. 	"Step into the Dark"   	  	6:08
7. 	"Rise up Like the Sun"   	  	3:05
8. 	"Secret Place"   	  	4:34
9. 	"Chase the Bone"   	  	3:20
10. 	"Promise You the Stars"   	  	3:38
11. 	"Don't Lose Faith in Tomorrow"   	5:40
12. 	"Reconsider Baby"   		4:29

    Robin Trower – guitar
    Livingstone Brown – bass, vocals, keyboards
    Mayuyu – drums


From all the carping about the vocals on this CD you'd think that the blues should only be sung by the golden-throated. By the same token, I'd be the first to admit that if William Shatner signs up as vocalist for Trower, it's one of the signs that the music world as we know it may soon be due to end.

I liked this CD so much when I first got it that I listened to the whole thing over and over again. After a while a few of the songs emerged as 'graters' - I can't listen to them on high volume or repetitively, or my skin crawls. Yet, there are also songs on this album that have NEVER worn thin. Like so many Trower CDs, there is a range of material here from ok-good to amazingly good.

20th Century Blues lives up to it's name - don't expect it to deviate much from a gritty, amplified Stratocaster blues. In that sense the vocals fit it perfectly. And, with over 20 years of devoted listening to Trower, this is one of my favorite of his works. If you like Trower and you like blues, you've gotta add this to your collection. --- Matthew W. Bovee,

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