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1 	Joachim Raff 	Violin Concerto No. 2 in A minor, Op. 206  Allegro 	9:59 		
2 	  		 Adagio 	11:44 		
3 	  		 Allegro 	11:18 		
4 	Joachim Raff 	Cavatina for violin & piano, Op. 85/3 	4:57 		
5 	Joachim Raff 	Ungrischer, Op. 203 	8:30 		
6 	Joachim Raff 	Violin Concerto No. 1 in B minor, Op. 161  Allegro patetico 	11:47 	
7 	  		 Andante non troppo 	5:45 		
8 	  		 Allegro trionfale 	6:02 	

Michala Paetsche Neftel - violin
Bamberger Symphoniker
Hans Stadlmair – conductor


If the idea of a marginally more advanced Mendelssohn or a slightly more coherent Liszt sounds appealing, try Joseph Joachim Raff. In this disc of his two violin concertos coupled with two shorter works for violin and orchestra, Raff writes for the soloist in an effervescent style that clearly has its origins in Mendelssohn's elfin manner. The clarity of Raff's writing and the lightness of his lyricism strongly recalls Mendelssohn's own Violin Concerto, but since Raff's works were written decades after Mendelssohn's, the soloist is set against the slightly more advanced harmonic idiom of Liszt. Fortunately, the lucidity of Raff's part-writing and the cogency of his modulations, while it calls to mind Liszt's harmonic adventures, is more secure than Liszt's and the result is less rambling if also less innovative. But if Raff's music is also less interesting than either Mendelssohn's or Liszt's, it is surely not the fault of violinist Michaela Paetsch Neftel, whose warm tone, secure intonation, and virtuoso technique makes the best possible case for Raff's concertos. Accompanied by Hans Stadlmair and the Bamberg Symphony Chorus -- the stalwart performers who have recorded much of Raff's orchestral music for Tudor -- Neftel's performances are strong, sprightly, and sweet and as convincing as is imaginable considering the repertoire. Tudor's sound is clear, warm, and round. ---James Leonard, Rovi

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Raff - Piano Concerto • Ode au Printemps (2009) Raff - Piano Concerto • Ode au Printemps (2009)

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1. Ode au printemps in G major, Op. 76 18:20
2. Piano Concerto in C minor, Op. 185: I. Allegro 13:50
3. Piano Concerto in C minor, Op. 185: II. Andante 11:24
4. Piano Concerto in C minor, Op. 185: III. Finale: Allegro 10:31

Peter Aronsky – piano
Radio-Sinfonieorchester Basel
Matthias Bamert – conductor


This is my favourite CD with romantic Works for Piano and Orchestra . I have a large Collection of about more than 200 Piano Concertos.( Nearly all that are available from the romantic era! ) - The Piano Concerto of Joachim Raff 1822-1882 has the most beautiful slow Movement with sometimes very quick pearly cords , a lyricism derived from Chopin moved with ingenious orchestration to a trancendental perfection.

The Concert Peace Ode to Spring beginns with a beautiful interplay of an Cello and the piano playing becomes during this peace with the Orchestration faster like an intensifying Springstorm ,just marvellous. Its not only the piano playing that shines , also the Orchestration works very well.The hole works have a strong lyricim , witch offers after several repeated listening his full beauty.-These works have enough Melody, that it pleases from the first listening on.

I can hear this CD again and again without getting tired of it.There are only very few works, where i have this feeling. I can only very highly recommend this. The CD with the Cello Concertos by Joachim Raff is also very recommenable, but this works are the highest rating i can give ,its like a painting! Realy Masterpeaces , very highly recommenable !!! ---Peter Bernhard Alexander U-Länder Arzt und UHU-Architekt,

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Raff – Sextet & Grand Quintuor (2003) Raff – Sextet & Grand Quintuor (2003)

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String Sextet in G Minor, Op. 178
1 	I. Allegro	9:10 	
2 	II. Allegro molto	4:07 	
3 	III. Larghetto	10:22 	
4 	IV. Allegro	4:54 	

Grand Quintuor in A Minor, Op. 107
5 	I. Allegro mosso assai	11:28 	
6 	II. Allegro vivace, quasi presto	6:04 	
7 	III. Andante, quasi larghetto mosso	11:54 	
8 	IV. Allegro brioso, patetico	7:42

Ensemble Villa Musica


Raff’s Piano Quintet was considered by Hans von Bülow to be one of the very greatest works in its medium, and he wasn’t wrong. Generously proportioned (37 minutes), expertly written, full of good tunes, and not a bit diffuse in its argument, it’s surely one of the great Romantic chamber works, and yet it’s barely known. The reason undoubtedly stems from the fact that Raff’s compositional fecundity has counted against him; but he was a gifted composer, and at his best, as here, he rivals anyone. The basic, A minor key and passionate contrasts of mood and tempo tell the whole story. Unlike so many “moderato” openings, this piece starts “Allegro mosso assai” and maintains its intensity right up to the final bar of the last movement, marked “Allegro bioso, patetico”. The Sextet in G minor is more pithy, but just as keenly felt, and beautifully textured. Raff’s expert orchestral writing has often been cited, usually in connection with his assisting Liszt in orchestrating his tone poems, but his talent in this area is no less evident in these chamber works. The Ensemble Villa Musica plays both pieces with all of the necessary enthusiasm and energy, and the players are gorgeously recorded. This is one of those discs that no true chamber music connoisseur can afford to miss. ---David Hurwitz,


Raff is one composer whose posthumous reputation has suffered enormously with his vast oeuvre almost completely forgotten. A recent revival of his symphonies on a variety of labels has shown that he has flair and charm if not always a top rank composer.

Dabringhaus & Grimm continually churns out precious chamber music gems that are fast becoming unique to the catalogue. This latest release is no exception and I would advise listeners who have found Raff's symphonies enjoyable to sample some of his most exquisite chamber works.

The Sextet, Op. 178 is probably the best work of the two recorded here with a highly enjoyable Allegro and a beautiful Larghetto, rather reminiscent of Beethoven's 2nd Symphony. Raff uses colour and has a fine palette that makes the music all the more attractive especially in the final Allegro.

The Grand Quintet is an earlier work and at times, I do feel that the piano part is a mite boorish but other listeners may digress from that view! It would be safe to say that the Ensemble Villa Musica are ideal interpreters and that the disc will appeal to chamber music lovers who enjoy seeking out such rarities. ---Gerald Fenech,

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