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01. Joe Le Taxi	play
02. Be My Baby
03. Natural High
04. Pourtant
05. Divine Idylly
06. Commando
07. Sunday Mondays
08. Des Que J'te Vois
09. Dis Lui Toi Que Je T'aime
10. Amour Jamais
11. Eau Et Le Vin
12. I'm Waiting For The Man
13. La Bataille
14. Tandem
15. Que Fait La Vie?
16. Marilyn & John
17. L'incendie
18. Lonely Rainbows
19. Irresistinlement
20. La Melodie
21. Walk On The Wild Side
22. St Germain	play


Vanessa Paradis is one of the most beautiful French actresses. She was a model and a singer before she became a film-star. Her first success was the song "Joe Le Taxi", which was a success in 15 countries. In 1990, she was awarded a César for her debut movie Noce blanche (1989). For the next 5 years, she concentrated on her musical career, she rejected Pedro Almodóvar and John Boorman. In 1995, she appeared in Élisa (1995), but decided to concentrate on her private life with Johnny Depp and their children. After several years, Vanessa continued her singing and acting career.



Vanessa Chantal Paradis (ur. 22 grudnia 1972 w Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, Val-de-Marne we Francji) – francuska piosenkarka, aktorka i modelka.

Utwór "Joe le taxi" został wydany w 1986 roku i stał się ogólnoeuropejskim przebojem. Vanessa miała wtedy 14 lat. W 1987 roku Vanessa nagrała swój pierwszy album, zatytułowany M&J. Właśnie z jej pierwszej płyty pochodzą przeboje "M&J", "Manolo Manolette", "Coupe, coupe".

Pierwszym filmem, w którym zagrała był Noce Blanche (1989) w reżyserii Jeana-Claude'a Brisseau. Rola wrażliwej, zakochanej w nauczycielu nastolatki przyniosła jej pierwszą filmową nagrodę – Cesara w kategorii najlepiej zapowiadającej się aktorki 1990 roku. Po sukcesie pierwszej płyty, przyszedł czas na kolejną zatytułowaną "Variations sur le même t'aime", nagraną z pomocą Serge'a Gainsbourga. W 1991 roku Vanessa podpisała kontrakt na 3 mln franków z firmą Chanel, jako nowa twarz perfum Coco Chanel.

Od roku 1998 Vanessa jest związana z aktorem Johnnym Deppem. 27 maja 1999 na świat przyszła ich córka Lily Rose Melody Depp, a 3 lata później, 9 kwietnia 2002 roku urodził się ich syn John Christopher "Jack" Depp III. W 2000 wydała kolejny album z którego singlami były "Pourtant" (teledysk nakręcony przez Johnny'ego) i "Commando". W 2005 roku ukazała się jej płyta koncertowa Au Zénith. Następnie zagrała w kolejnych filmach: Atomik Circus - Le retour de James Bataille (2004), Mon ange (2005) – pierwszy długometrażowy film Serge'a Frydmana i scenarzysty Patrice'a Leconte. Pod koniec roku 2007 wydała album Divine Idylle (Johnny Depp wyreżyserował oraz wystąpił w teledysku do piosenki L'incendie ) W 2008 została wiodącą modelką, tzw. twarzą firmy Miu Miu.

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Vanessa Paradis - Une Nuit A Versailles (2010) Vanessa Paradis - Une Nuit A Versailles (2010)

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01 Pourtant
02 Que fait la vie
03 Junior suite
04 Scarabée.
05 Dans mon café
06 Chet baker
07 Bliss
08 St germain
09 Jackadi
10 When I say
11 La mélodie
12 Sunday mondays
13 Joe le taxi
14 Be my baby
15 Le temps de l'amour
16 L'incendie
17 Dis lui toi que je t'aime
18 Divine Idylle
19 Tandem
20 Il y a
21 Marilyn & john


Singer, actress. Born Vanessa Chantal Paradis in Saint-Maur-des-Fosses, France on December 22, 1972, to interior designers Andre and Corrine. Paradis enjoyed singing from an early age. Her career began to develop when she was eight years old, after her uncle, record producer Didier Pain, used his connections to get his nice on the popular French TV show L'Ecole Des Fans (The School of Fans). The program gave children the opportunity to perform their own renditions of popular songs on a a television talent show. Paradis sang a song from the musical Emilie Jolie by Philippe Chatel, who was the special guest on the program. At the age of 13, Vanessa Paradis recorded her first single, "La Magie Des Surprises-Parties" ("The Magic of Surprise Parties"). But her career didn't take off until the age of 16, when she released her first single "Joe le Taxi" (1987). The song became a No. 1 hit in France, and a year later she launched her debut album, M&J (1988). The album, featuring her popular single "Joe le Taxi," peaked at No. 13 on the French Album Chart, making Paradis an overnight sensation.

Soon after she began her singing career, Paradis crossed over into acting. She made her debut in the film Noce blanche (White Wedding) in 1989 at the age of 17. In the film, Paradis played a teenage drug addict who has a love affair with her older professor. Her performance earned her a Cesar, France's most prestigious acting award. Her next album, Variations Sur Le Mme T'aime (1990) (Variations on the Same Theme) featured a remake of the Lou Reed hit, "Walk on the Wild Side," and was produced with the help of French actor and producer, Serge Gainsbourg. The new record was an even greater success, ranking No. 6 on the French charts and receiving high praise from critics. This same year, Vanessa's nymphish looks attracted the attention of the Chanel fashion and cosmetics company. The talented actress and singer became the face of Chanel's perfume line, Coco, in 1991.

When Vanessa turned 20, she released her first English album, the self-titled Vanessa Paradis. Her boyfriend at the time, American musician Lenny Kravitz, helped Paradis write and produce the album. Critics lauded the record as Paradis' greatest achievement to date, and fans agreed. Vanessa Paradis landed at No. 1 on the French music charts, and the single "Be My Baby" made it into the Top 40 in the U.K., Sweden and Austria. After the success of her third recording, Paradis launched a European tour. She played more than 70 concerts, and released the album Vanessa Paradis Live (1994) before returning to France to star in the drama Elisa (1995) opposite Gerard Depardieu. Once again, Paradis' performance garnered rave reviews from critics, and propelled the starlet firmly into the ranks of A-list actors. After the success of this film, Paradis devoted herself almost entirely to acting.

Paradis, known for her dark, dramatic roles, surprised audiences with her next film choice: the romantic comedy Un Amour de Sorciere (1997) (Witch Way Love). She followed up her performance with the action comedy Une Chance Sux Deux (1998). That same year, Paradis met American actor Johnny Depp while he was in France filming his new movie The Ninth Gate (1999). They instantly hit it off, and by the end of the year the couple announced that they were expecting their first child.


Une nuit à Versailles est le quatrième album live de Vanessa Paradis sorti le 29 novembre 2010. Il a été enregistré à l'Opéra Royal du château de Versailles les 11 et 12 juillet 2010. Cet album a été enregistré dans le cadre de la Tournée Acoustique de la chanteuse, constituée de 23 dates entre le 18 juin et le 30 juillet 2010. Devant le succès de cette tournée française, Vanessa Paradis part en tournée mondiale en février 2011 (États-Unis, Japon, Angleterre, Turquie, Belgique, Suisse, Canada).

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