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CD 1:

1. Une rose dans le desert 3:42
2. Je pense a elle 3:30
3. Frederic Francois - Alexise Yerna - Des rivieres en plein desert 3:11		play
4. Et si l'on parlait d'amour 3:55
5. Tu sais bien 3:43
6. En quelques mots 3:38
7. Changer le monde 4:12
8. Si dudas de mi 3:25
9. Je n'ai rien qu'un amour 4:14
10. Un slow pour s'aimer 4:05
11. Mes blessures de toi 3:54
12. Paix sur la terre 3:52
13. Demandez-moi ce que tu voudras 3:37
14. L'amour fou 4:11
15. Je te le jure 4:15
16. L'important c'est d'aimer 3:31

CD 2:

1. Tzigane 3:45
2. Assez de larmes 3:37
3. Viens te perdre dans mes bras 3:37
4. Ma vie c'est toi 2:59
5. I Love You, je t'aime 3:30
6. L'amour c'est la musique 3:41
7. Je n'ai jamais aime comme je t'aime 2:39
8. Toujours la meme 3:03										play
9. Aimer avant d'etre aime 3:40
10. Quand vient le soir on se retrouve 3:41
11. De Venise a Capri 3:46
12. T'aimer 3:55
13. Les orgues de St Michel 4:30
14. Si je demande 3:01
15. Frederic Francois - Santo Barracato - Caruso 5:34
16. L'enfant qui vient d'ailleurs 4:08
17. Cet amour-la 3:27
18. Ma lettre a mes enfants 3:51

CD 3:

1. Tous les bateaux, tous les oiseaux (Live) 3:31
2. Frederic Francois - Victoria - Somethin' Stupid (Live) 2:58
3. L'amour s'en va, l'amour revient (Live) 3:17
4. Laisse-moi vivre ma vie (Live) 3:36
5. La chanson des vieux amants (Live) 4:05
6. Une nuit ne suffit pas (Live) 4:22
7. Le Strapontin de Papa (Live) 4:19
8. On s'embrasse on oublie tout (Live) 3:17
9. Love Me Tender (Live) 2:53									play
10. Qui de nous deux (Live) 3:54
11. Mon coeur te dit je t'aime (Live) 4:28
12. Est-ce que tu es seule ce soir? (Live) 3:52
13. Les amants interdits (Live) 4:26
14. Fou d'elle (Live) 4:34
15. Mamina (Live) 4:14
16. Je t'aime a l'italienne (Live) 4:36


Frederick Francois (Francesco Barracatto) is born in Sicily on 3 June 1950. He is only two years old when his family is leaving their village to establish themselves in Tilleur, Wallony, near Liege, a little county in Belgium. He did inherit his fondness of music and singing from his father Peppino. When he is 12 years old he decides to buy his first guitar and joines the band Les Eperviers. His father is approving this decision by helping hom to acced at the Music Accademy. This is a succesful thing to do, because Frederic Francois is winning that same year the singing contest “Festival du Chatelet”, which allows him to make his first record. But he is making his real debut in 1969 when he makes his first 45 tours record whith his actual nickname. He gets married and have a family of his own while he is still young. This thing happens in 1971, the year when his first hits are launched, such like “Je n’ai jamais aime comme je t’aime”, “Laisse-moi vivre ma vie”, “Chicago” and many others. As a tribute to his increasing charismatical success in France, he also conquered by his music Canada, Belgium and the Switzerland. The hits are still going on with titles like ” Mon coeur te dit Je t’aime” in 1984 and ” Je t’aime a l’itallienne” in 1985. Many times till now Frederic Francois is performing many concerts in the Olympia Hall in Paris, such as in the years 1994, 1996, 1998 or 2000. If the name of Frederick Francois is mostly related to the 70’s decade, he still has a great fame and huge success especially among the French music listeners.

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Frédéric François - Fidèle (2015) Frédéric François - Fidèle (2015)

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01. Fidèle
02. I Love You je t'aime
03. Et si l'on parlait d'amour
04. Je n'ai jamais aimé comme je t'aime
05. Quand vient le soir on se retrouve
06. Où elle veut, quand elle veut
07. Jalousie
08. Un slow pour s'aimer
09. Chanteur d'amour
10. L'amour fou
11. Simplement pour te dire
12. Ma vie c'est toi
13. C'est plus fort que moi
14. Amor Latino
15. Mon coeur te dit je t'aime
16. Ok pour t'emmener
17. Je l'aime pour elle-même
18. Soleil, soleil
19. Si je te demande
20. Tu sais bien que je t'appartiens
21. Je t'aime à l'italienne (Live Olympia)


A pop artist who made his name in Belgium with a career that spanned four decades, Frédéric François (born Francesco Barracatto in June 1950) was born in Italy and relocated with family to Belgium while still a toddler. He began his career very early in life, singing songs at local establishments at the age of 12. His first single saw the light of day in 1971, the first of many released over the next two decades. While collections of his work were available throughout that time, his first "official" album release came in 1993. A string of full-lengths followed, with 2007 seeing his album Merci la Vie achieve European chart success, success, that over the years, François had become quite accustomed to. ---Chris True, Rovi

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