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1. Inspiracion
2. Kunatakiraqui
3. Danzante
4. Chofercito de mala suerte
5. Veranito
6. Por tu santo
7. Vaca loca
8. Marinera
9. Alwaka planta
10. Decepciones
11. Aguita de Phutina
12. Casi casi
13. La pastora


Traditional music of Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, and Ecuador. Music of wooden pan flutes is most prevalent. This incarnation of the group was led by husband and wife Edmond Badoux and Quentin Howard, who played Andean traditional music. Beautiful.


Sukay is a Quechua word meaning “to open the earth and prepare it for planting.” Venerable, and vital still, Sukay provided many North Americans their first taste of Andean music in the mid 1970’s. The current incarnation of Sukay is the strongest yet, continuing to enrapture new audiences with the music of the ancient Aymara and Quechua cultures. Sukay features charango master Eddy Navia and Alcides Mejia Hany, the leading exponent of Andean pan pipes and flute. Both are original members of the famous Bolivian folk group Savia Andina which made 33 albums: 10 Gold and 5 Platinum. Founding member of Sukay, Quentin Navia sings and plays Bolivian flute. Gabriel Navia, Eddy’s son and a recording artist and composer since age 12, fills out Sukay on guitar and charango.

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Sukay - Navidad Andina (1993) Sukay - Navidad Andina (1993)

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1.Nino Jesus ama Huackaychu 2:49
2.Noche de Paz (Silent Night) 4:20
3.El Nacimiento en La Puerta del Sol 3:32
4.La Pastora (The Shepardess) 3:33
5.La Peregrinacion 2:33
6.Este Noche es Noche Buona 1:43
7.Estrella de Sur 5:03
8.Mama Criso 3:25
9.Pata Pollerita 3:28
10.Tarajchi 4:10
11.Reyes Morenos 3:32
12.Greensleeves (what child is this) 4:59

Enrique Coria - Bass, Guitar
Joe Craven - Percussion
Quentin Howard - Flute, Pan Pipes, Vocals
Eddy Navia - Charango
Mauricio San Martin - Pan Pipes, Wind Instruments


Traditional Christmas songs of the Andes featuring pre-Hispanic, post-Spanish colonial, and contemporary musical styles blend with universally seasonal material like "Silent Night" and "What Child Is This?." Performed on panpipes, notched flutes, drums and fine-string charangos, Sukay's sound is authentic and festive, and will delight listeners of all seasons. ---Rovi


With deep sounding pipes, haunting flutes and fast-paced rhythms played on a guitar-like instrument made from the shell of an armadillo, SUKAY creates an ethereal, pulsating sound that fills listeners with the energy and strenth of the Andes. Like an orchestra, Sukay draws from a broad palette of exotic sounds: the deep, sharp, airy lasts of the medieval-sounding toyos (pan pipes with graduated tubes up to 5 feet long); the high, vocal inflections of the kena (notched flute); the shimmering ring of the charango (a mandolin-like instrument made from an armadillo shell); and the resonant tones and muted percussive drive of the classical guitar.

Sukay was founded by Quentin Navia and is directed by Bolivia's great composer and virtuoso of the charango, Eddy Navia. The charango is a traditional Bolivian stringed instrument. Eddy became Sukay's artistic director in 1989, and he brought the musicianship of the group to new heights.

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