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01. Rock Hard (M.Chapman/N.Chinn) - 3:21
02. Glad All Over (D.Clark/M.Smith) - 2:49
03. Love Is Ready (E.Brown/T.Stracey) - 3:31
04. State Of Mind (S.Quatro/L.Tuckey) - 3:01
05. Woman Cry (S.Quatro/L.Tuckey) - 3:37
06. Lipstick (M.Chapman/N.Chinn) - 4:09
07. Hard Headed (E.Brown/T.Stracey) - 4:02
08. Ego In The Night (S.Quatro/L.Tuckey) - 3:37
09. Lonely Is The Hardest (S.Quatro/L.Tuckey) - 3:47
10. Lay Me Down (S.Quatro/L.Tuckey/J.Crompton) - 3:34
11. Wish Upon Me (E.Brown/T.Stracey/D.Krems) - 2:56

- Suzi Quatro - lead vocals, bass, organ
- Len Tuckey - guitar, vocals
- Jamie Crompton - guitar
- Dave Neal - drums
- Michael des Barres, Paul Delph, Lynda Lawley, Andrea Robinson, Sue Richman - backing vocals
- Mike Chapman - producer


Although glam had long slipped off the radar by 1981, that year found Suzi Quatro releasing one of her finest albums. With Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman (the producers behind her biggest hits) at the controls, Quatro and her band craft a series of songs that blend the hard rock power that fueled her glam rock era hits with a new soundscape that tarts up the songs with some ear attracting new wave hooks. The tone is set by the title track, which starts the album with a blast thanks to its effective combination chugging guitar riffs, a stomping beat, and a shout-along chorus that praises the song's tough female heroine. Other hard rocking highlights include "Glad All Over," a cover of the Dave Clark Five classic that uses a backbeat reminiscent of a squad of rolling tanks on its chorus, and "Lipstick," a kiss-off to a cheating lover that pits power chords against bubblegum-styled handclaps to create a beguiling fusion of pop hooks and rock & roll muscle. Even the quieter numbers manage to rock in their own way: a good example is "Love Is Ready," a mid-tempo invitation to romance that swings with authority over some soaring guitar riffs. Although it lacks the kind of single that would have put it over the top commercially, Rock Hard is so consistent and likable that it is tough to argue with. In short, Rock Hard is a necessity and a solid listen for anyone interested in what female-oriented rock was like before the advent of grrl rockers like L7 and Hole. ---Donald A. Guarisco, AllMusic Review

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Suzi Quatro - StarCollection 4CD (2010) Suzi Quatro - Star Collection 4CD (2010)

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01. I'll Walk Through the Fire With You [0:04:24.54]
02. Main Attraction [0:03:13.69]
03. Strange Encounters [0:03:06.00]
04. Skin Tight Skin [0:04:17.35]
05. Stumblin' In (with Chris Norman) [0:03:59.31]
06. Tear Me Apart [0:03:00.17]
07. Fantasy In Stereo [0:03:09.43]
08. Four Letter Words [0:03:22.57] play
09. 15 Minutes Of Fame [0:03:48.64]
10. Can The Can [0:03:33.21]
11. Heart Of Stone [0:04:05.18]
12. 48 Crash [0:03:52.27]
13. If You Can't Give Me Love [0:03:55.64]
14. Official Suburbian Superman [0:03:01.37]
15. There She Goes [0:02:48.45]
16. Hard Headed [0:04:02.11]
17. Primitive Love [0:04:10.46]
18. Wiser Than You [0:03:57.37]
19. Glycerine Queen [0:03:44.74]
20. Dont Change my Luck [0:03:44.24]
21. The Race Is On [0:04:04.02]

01. Lipstick [0:04:10.28]
02. Transparent [0:03:15.36]
03. Can I Be Your Girl [0:03:54.05]
04. I Bit Off More Than I Could Chew [0:03:44.02]
05. Shakin' All Over [0:03:30.35]
06. She's In Love With You [0:03:23.44]
07. Sometimes Love is Letting Go [0:04:33.52]
08. The Honky Tonk Downstairs [0:03:01.07]
09. Dancing In The Wind [0:04:50.18]
10. Glad All Over [0:02:50.24] play
11. I've Never Been In Love [0:02:56.08]
12. Non Citizen [0:03:19.29]
13. Rock'n'Roll Hoochie Coo [0:03:26.68]
14. Half As Much As Me [0:04:13.46]
15. I Don't Do Gentle [0:04:23.54]
16. Love Is Ready [0:03:31.69]
17. No Choice [0:05:29.20]
18. All Shook Up [0:03:47.39]
19. I Wanna Be Your Man [0:03:17.33]
20. The Wild One [0:02:52.30]
21. Too Big [0:03:21.18]

01. Born Making Noise [0:04:44.16]
02. What's It Like To Be Loved [0:03:15.21]
03. Lonely Is The Hardest [0:03:48.26]
04. Move It [0:03:36.54]
05. New Day Woman [0:03:33.10]
06. Oh Baby [0:03:51.65]
07. Rockin' In The Free World [0:04:56.69]
08. Starlight Lady [0:03:28.39]
09. Sticks And Stones [0:03:35.33]
10. Two Miles Out Of Georgia [0:03:26.63] play
11. Wake Up Little Susie [0:02:50.31]
12. Devil Gate Drive [0:03:48.02]
13. Free The Butterfly [0:04:53.47]
14. Get Back Mamma [0:05:55.33]
15. Lay Me Down [0:03:35.01]
16. Good Girl [0:03:32.65]
17. You Are My Lover [0:02:48.54]
18. Remote Control [0:03:18.51]
19. Pardon Me [0:03:28.35]
20. Secret Hideaway [0:03:42.45]
21. Wish Upon Me [0:02:57.44]

01. Mama's Boy [0:03:07.54]
02. Starry Night [0:03:45.00]
03. Hollywood [0:02:53.21]
04. I'm A Rocker [0:03:11.20]
05. Cheap Shot [0:03:35.68]
06. Don't Break My Heart [0:02:55.47]
07. Comes The Night [0:03:54.70]
08. Wasted Moments [0:04:59.09]
09. Duality [0:04:58.09]
10. Everything I Ever Wanted [0:03:18.25]
11. Heartbreak Hotel [0:03:51.43] play
12. You Can Make Me Want You [0:03:32.46]
13. Hit The Road Jack [0:03:57.29]
14. Back To The Drive [0:04:30.08]
15. Fever [0:03:37.30]
16. Just Like Momma [0:03:34.05]
17. Keep A-Knockin' [0:03:13.60]
18. Love Hurts [0:02:21.28]
19. Your Mama Won't Like Me [0:03:57.29]
20. Mind Demons [0:02:24.44]
21. Savage Silk [0:03:35.12]
22. She Knows [0:03:09.20]


Suzi Quattro (właśc. Susan Kay Quatrocchio) urodziła się w katolickiej rodzinie w 1950 roku w Detroit. Jej ojciec z pochodzenia Włoch w wolnym czasie zajmował się muzyką. Jej matka była z pochodzenia Węgierką. Suzi zaczęła swoją karierą muzyczną wraz z zespołem Pleasure Seekers,a potem Cradle gdzie grała ze swoimi siostrami Patti, Nancy i Arlene. W 1971 roku przeprowadziła się do Wielkiej Brytanii po tym jak odkrył ją w Detroit producent muzyczny Mickie Most. Jej pierwszy singiel "Rolling stone" był klapą wszędzie tylko nie w Portugalii gdzie zajął pierwsze miejsce na liście przebojów. Drugi singiel "Can the can" podbił listy przebojów w całej Europie i Australii. Dwa pierwsze albumy równiez odniosły olbrzymi sukces. Nigdy nie udało jej się podbić Stanów Zjednoczonych. Tam znana jest głównie z roli Leather Tuscadero w serialu Happy Days.


Suzie Quatro, b. 3 June 1950, Detroit, Michigan, USA. From patting bongos at the age of seven in her father's jazz band, she graduated to go-go dancing in a pop series on local television. With an older sister, Patti (later of Fanny) she formed the all-female Suzi Soul And The Pleasure Seekers in 1964 for engagements that included a tour of army bases in Vietnam. In 1971, her comeliness and skills as bass guitarist, singer and chief show-off in Cradle were noted by Mickie Most, who persuaded her to record Chinn And Chapman songs for his Rak Records label in England. Backed initially by Britons Alastair McKenzie (keyboards), Dave Neal (drums) and her future husband, ex-Nashville Teens member Len Tuckey (guitar), a second Rak single, 1973's "Can The Can", topped hit parades throughout the world at the zenith of the glam rock craze - of which rowdy Suzi, androgynous in her glistening biker leathers, became an icon. Her sound hinged mostly on a hard rock chug beneath lyrics in which scansion overruled meaning ("the 48 crash/is a silken sash bash"). The team's winning streak with the likes of "48 Crash", "Daytona Demon" and "Devil Gate Drive" - a second UK number 1 - faltered when "Your Mama Won't Like Me" stuck outside the Top 30, signalling two virtually hitless years before a more mellow policy brought a return to the Top 10 with "If You Can't Give Me Love".

Quatro's chart fortunes in Britain lurched from "She's In Love With You' at number 11 to 1982"s "Heart Of Stone" at a lowly 68. "Stumblin' In" - a 1978 duet with Smokie's Chris Norman - was her biggest US Hot 100 strike (number 8) but barely touched the UK Top 40. By the late 80s, her output had reduced to pot-shots, including teaming up with Reg Presley of the Troggs for a disco revival of "Wild Thing". More satisfying than tilting for hit records, however, was her development as a singing actress, albeit in character as "Leather Tuscadero" in seven episodes of Happy Days during 1977. Cameos in UK television shows Minder and Dempsey And Makepeace followed, before Quatro landed the role of the quick-drawing heroine in the 1986 London production of Irving Berlin's Annie Get Your Gun. Quatro went on to write and star in Tallulah Who?, a stage musical about the actress Tallulah Bankhead. By the late 90s she was concentrating on touring and recording once more and carving a career in the UK as a broadcaster on BBC radio.


Suzi Q urodziła 3 czerwca 1950 roku w amerykańskim Detroit, od 1970 roku mieszka jedną nogą w Anglii, a od 1993 roku drugą w Niemczech (jej drugi mąż jest Niemcem). Wokalistka znana jest z takich przebojów, jak "Can The Can", "48 Crash", "Daytona Demon", "Devil Gate Driver", "If You Can't Give Me Love", "The Race Is On" czy "I've Never Been In Love".

Swoją karierę kompozytorki, tekściarza i piosenkarki połączyła z grą w filmach - zagrała w "Happy Days" (bardzo popularny w USA), "Minder" 1980 r. (brytyjska komedia dramatyczna), "Dempsey and Makepeace" 1985 r. (popularny także u nas serial kryminalny), "Annie Get Your Gun" 1986 r. (bardzo znany musical), "Bob the Builder" 2006 r. (dubbing w bajce dla dzieci), a także "Midsomer Murders", "Absolutely Fabulous", "Rock School" czy "Trust Me - I Am a Beaty Therapist".

W 2005 roku ukazał się dokument, podsumowujący dotychczasowe osiągnięcia i życie prywatne Suzi, zatytułowany "Neked Under Leather". W 2006 roku wyszła kolejna płyta, "Back To The Drive", a w 2007 roku ukazała się autobiografia "Unzipped".

Suzi Quarto nadal koncertuje, bierze udział w wielu show telewizyjnych, koncertach charytatywnych, od kilku lat prowadzi własną audycję muzyczną w Radio BBC2 (do końca roku zawieszona z powodu pracy nad nową płytą i przygotowaniami do jej wydania), podczas wrześniowego (2009 r.) tournee po Australii brała udział w australijskim "Idolu" jako mentor. Do chwili obecnej sprzedała ponad 50 mln płyt.

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Suzi Quatro - Suzi Quatro (1973) Suzi Quatro - Suzi Quatro (1973)

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01 - 48 Crash
02 - Glycerine Queen
03 - Shine My Machine
04 - Official Suburbian Superman
05 - I Wanna Be Your Man
06 - Primitive Love
07 - Can The Can
08 - All Shook Up
09 - Sticks & Stones
10 - Skin Tight Skin
11 - Get Back Mama
12 - Shakin' All Over

Suzi Quatro - bass, lead vocals
Len Tuckey - guitar, slide guitar, backing vocals
Alastair McKenzie - electric piano, grand piano, mellotron, backing vocals
Dave Neal - drums, backing vocals


As glam rock debut albums go, you'll have to search a long way to find one that outclasses Suzi Quatro's opening shot. Though her fame and, of course, her hit singles thus far were based around songwriters Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman's guileless ability to crank out the classics, away from the glare of TV and radio play the pair allowed Quatro and partner Len Tuckey full rein. The result was an album of several very distinct parts, inextricably linked by the sheer power of the Quatro personality. The heart of Suzi Quatro lies in the band's choice of covers. Harking back to Quatro's years in Detroit clubland, there's a Slade-meets-Stonesy grind through "I Wanna Be Your Man," a raucous blast through "All Shook Up," and, restating the song's claim to be the best rock & roller any Briton ever wrote, Johnny Kidd's "Shaking All Over," garageland sexuality oozing out from every pore. Chinnichap's "Primitive Love," one of the finest songs that the duo ever left unnoticed on an LP, then echoes that same intent, seething percussion and unearthly crowd sounds building around a jungle chant that reduces Quatro's characteristic cries to a breathy growl that is pure animal seduction. Of Quatro/Tuckey's own contributions, "Glycerine Queen" (already familiar from a B-side) and "Shine My Machine" are the most in character, straightforward rockers bolstered by the band's already trademark roiling rhythm. "Skin Tight Skin," on the other hand, is the most adventurous, bucking the formula in favor of a slow swing and a vocal that is straight out of West Side Story. Suzi Quatro remains one of the most nakedly sexual albums of the entire glam rock epoch -- and one of the hottest debuts of the decade. --- Dave Thompson, AllMusic Review

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Suzi Quatro - The Very Best Of (2015) Suzi Quatro - The Very Best Of (2015)

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01. Can The Can
02. 48 Crash
03. Devil Gate Drive
04. Daytona Demon
05. The Wild One
06. I Wanna Be Your Man
07. Rolling Stone
08. All Shook Up
09. Glycerine Queen
10. Shakin' All Over
11. Too Big
12. Move It
13. A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues
14. Your Mama Won't Like Me
15. Rock 'N' Roll Hoochie Coo
16. I Bit Off More Than I Could Chew
17. Heartbreak Hotel (Live) 
18. Keep A Knockin' (Live) 


19. If You Can't Give Me Love
20. She's In Love With You
21. Tear Me Apart
22. The Race Is On
23. Love Hurts
24. You Can Make Me Want You
25. What's It Like To Be Loved
26. Tired Of Waiting
27. Half As Much As Me
28. I May Be Too Young
29. American Lady
30. The Honky Tonk Downstairs
31. I've Never Been In Love
32. Can't Trust Love
33. Four Letter Words
34. Mama's Boy
35. Make Me Smile (Live) (Live Version)
36. Roxy Roller (Live) (Live Version)


Meet Suzi Quatro, the American singer who's become an international music star since breaking through in the glam-rock Seventies. This compilation celebrates her unique career, featuring hits like UK chart-toppers 'Can The Can' and 'Devil Gate Drive' and US breakthrough single 'If You Can't Give Me Love', topping them off with choice album tracks and live cuts. Stand by for a double helping of rock n' roll dynamite, Suzi style! Includes detailed sleeve notes in an 8-page booklet. ---Editorial Reviews,


Suzi made her professional music debut at age eight, playing bongos in her father, Art Quatro's, jazz band. She left school at age 14 to appear on television as a go-go dancer and changed her name to Suzi Soul. At 15, she formed an all-girl group with her sisters Patti Quatro, Nancy Quatro and Arlene Quatro called "Suzi and the Pleasure Seekers". They played various gigs around the country and were eventually invited to play at US military bases in Viet Nam. The band changed their name to "Cradle" and performed at a Detroit dance hall where they were spotted by British producer Mickie Most. Suzi's aggressive stage presence and ballsy attitude, wrapped up in such a small package, impressed Most enough to offered to take her to Great Britan to sign a contract on his RAK record label. Suzi toured the UK working as a supporting act. Although Most encouraged her songwriting, after her 1972 debut single "Rolling Stone" failed to make a big impression, he enlisted the services of the hit British songwriting team of Nicolas Chinn and Michael Chapman. Put together at the time of her 1972 tour as support for Slade, Quatro's band was composed of Len Tuckey on guitar, Dave Neal on drums and keyboard player Alistair McKenzie. (Who was soon replaced by Mike Deacon). Encased in a black leather jump-suit with blatantly sensual legs astride her bass guitar, she thumped away aggressively. Her small figure fronted a band of black-clad tough-guys. This image as trend-setting raunchy female rocker provided a perfect showcase for Chinn and Chapman's propulsive direct rockers like chart toppers Can The Can, 48 Crash and Devil Gate Drive. Efforts to break onto the American airwaves from her base in England (as Jimi Hendrix had done some 10 years earlier) were only partially successful. She had a moderate hit with All Shook Up, but the widespread success and acclaim she enjoyed in England and around the world still eluded her in the states. Oddly enough, her biggest claim to fame in America would be as a rock & roller, but not on the stage. She is remembered best by most Americans for playing up-and-coming rock & roller Leather Tuscadero on the hit ABC comedy series, Happy Days (1974). A character based, even more oddly, on Suzi herself! Suzi remains in the public eye on both sides of the Atlantic by making the occasional appearance on TV. ---Denny Neun,

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Suzi Quatro ‎– No Control (2019) Suzi Quatro ‎– No Control (2019)

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1 	No Soul/No Control 	3:48
2 	Going Home 	3:45
3 	Strings 	4:15
4 	Love Isn't Fair 	3:05
5 	Macho Man 	3:43
6 	Easy Pickings 	4:26
7 	Bass Line 	4:34
8 	Don't Do Me Wrong 	3:43
9 	Heavy Duty 	3:09
10 	I Can Teach You To Fly 	4:27
11 	Going Down Blues 	5:03

Backing Vocals – Louise Hartley
Drums – Tim Reyland
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Richard Tuckey
Keyboards – Jez Davies
Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion – Suzi Quatro
Saxophone, Horns – Ray Beavis
Trombone – Toby Gucklhorn
Trumpet – Dick Hanson


Queens of noise The Runaways. The groundbreaking Ramones. The great Joan Jett. All three cite Suzi Quatro as a major influence on how they made music. Hell, Joan Jett is still rockin’ that vibe today. On March 29, Quatro’s new record No Control dropped, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that her son Richard Tuckey played a big role in this project.

Says Quatro: “This was our first attempt at writing and recording something together. The creative progress began with ‘Don’t Do Me Wrong.’ And, through this unusually beautiful English summer of 2018, we sat outside, acoustic bass, acoustic guitar, iPad recording app, and lots of paper, throwing ideas back and forth.” The chemistry between Quatro and her son? Blinding. No Control shines like a diamond in the sun.

Right off the bat, she hits you with “No Soul-No Control,” which sounds like something The Runaways might’ve recorded back in the day. Big energy, lots of punky swagger, and full-on guitar. However, this isn’t punk or hard rock. This is Suzi channeling music from her soul, music she’s grown up and grown with. The best way to describe No Control? Think Chuck Berry. “Too Much Monkey Business,” “Johnny B. Goode,” “Maybellene.” Now imagine Suzi Quatro interpreting Berry’s sound and style, and killing it I might add.

Track four, “Love Isn’t Fair,” has a late 50’, early 60’s feel to it; track seven, “Bass Line,” is early-to-mid-70s-inspired pop, and track ten, “I Can Teach You To Fly,” is very much an ode to 60s bubblegum fare. Where’s the riff rock, you ask? Fear not, track one, “No Soul-No Control,” track five “Macho Man,” and track nine, “Heavy Duty,” are straightforward, guitar-driven rockers with a smidge of 70s glam mixed in.

I love the diversity of No Control because it feels genuine and real, not manufactured. When I hear this music, I imagine this is what Quatro experienced creatively as she navigated the writing and recording sessions with her son. I feel like the 11 songs that comprise No Control paint a picture, a roadmap even, of who Suzi Quatro is now and how she arrived here with this record. Musically, this is her story growing up in the fifties, coming of age in the 60s, and dominating 70s rock. The cohesion that keeps this record together is the essence of Quatro herself, and that’s why No Control works so well.

There’s both a maturity and playfulness to this disc. I like what she and her son have created and hope their partnership continues with future releases. No Control is classic Suzi Quatro doing what she does best: making music on her terms, no one else’s. Buy this record, and let it grow on you. Then, check out her back catalog. It all comes together. You’ll thank me later.

Remember this: Suzi Quatro is the undisputed queen of strong, female rockers, past and present. She, along with Tina Turner, Debbie Harry, and later, Patti Smith, paved the way for artists like Cherie Currie, Pat Benatar, Siouxsie Sioux, PJ Harvey, and Courtney Love, to name a few. No Control is Quatro’s rock ‘n’ roll manifesto, circa 2019. Long live rock, and long live Suzi Quatro.

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Suzi Quatro – In the Spotlight (2011) Suzi Quatro – In the Spotlight (2011)

Image could not be displayed. Check browser for compatibility.

01 – A Girl Like Me
02 – Whatever Love is
03 – Spotlight					play
04 – Strict Machine				play
05 – Breaking Dishes
06 – Rosie Rose
07 – Hurt with You
08 – Hot Kiss
09 – Turn into
10 – Hard Headed Woman
11 – Singing with Angels


With Joan Jett witnessing something of a revival thanks to the recent Runaways biopic, the original leather-jumpsuit-wearing rock icon Suzi Quatro returns to prove that nearly 40 years on from her self-titled debut, she can still pack a few punches herself. Co-written with previous collaborator Mike Chapman (Blondie, Mud), In the Spotlight, her first album since 2006's Back to the Drive, shows that unlike many of her counterparts, the contemporary pop scene hasn't completely passed her by. There's a raucous cover version of Rihanna's Good-Girl-Gone-Bad album track "Breakin' Dishes," which turns the R&B anthem into an equally feisty slice of barroom rock; a guitar-chugging mash-up of Goldfrapp's electro-pop reinvention in "Strict Machine"; her own 1973 U.K. chart-topper "Can the Can," cleverly referencing the subtle similarities between the two; the Hole-esque grunge of "Whatever Love Is," a a sly nod to her riot grrrl pioneer reputation, and the yelping, dirty, garage blues-rock of "Hot Kiss," which could have been lifted from the first few White Stripes records. As convincing as these attempts to show she's not stuck in some '70s time-warp are, it's the tracks which hark back to her heyday which are likely to leave her former glam rock army swooning. Acknowledging the influence Elvis had on her career, "Hard Headed Woman" is an old-fashioned rockabilly rendition of his 1958 standard, while "Singing with Angels" is a heartfelt tribute to the King featuring his guitarist James Burton and backing vocalists, the Jordanaires, but elsewhere, opener "A Girl Like Me" sets the tone with its ballsy attitude and anthemic Knack-inspired guitar hooks, "Turn Into" features shades of classic girl group doowop with its Spector-ish Wall of Sound production, and the title track is a spacy, T. Rex-esque acoustic-driven ballad which reveals Quatro has lost none of her whiskey-soaked lung power. A misguided attempt at cod-reggae aside ("Hurt with You"), In the Spotlight is an impressive comeback, which admirably doesn't rely solely on nostalgia to make itself heard. ---Jon O'Brien, AllMusic Review


Suzi Quattro may not be a name that immediately leaps to mind when asked of influential women in Rock and Roll, especially with those raised on a diet of post 1980’s pop culture. However Suzi deserves to be mentioned not just in hushed tones of reverence and slight nods but to be celebrated and enjoyed over and over again.

In the Spotlight is the new album by the Michigan born singer and for a woman who has created foot tapping music since the early 1970’s, she has never sounded better than she does on this album. Perhaps it’s the element of time or the creative freedom she now obviously enjoys and none of the pressure to keep on the treadmill of album after album just to appease recording executives.

In the Spotlight is Suzi’s second album after her comeback in 2006 and whilst she may now be a lady of a certain age, she still knows how to shrug off years of the absurd notion that when women go under the radar of popularity they should retire gracefully. Alongside the likes of Chrissie Hynde, Stevie Nicks and Debbie Harry, Suzi can not only be seen as an inspiration to women coming through the Rock ranks today but also as a quality artist whose Rock and Roll distinctive voice and top bass playing is cleverly stamped on every track of the album.

Suzi rolls back the years with the opening number A Girl Like Me, a guitar driven anthem that sure to remind older Suzi fans of her heyday but sounding fresh enough to sit comfortably on any younger fans music collection with just a little bit of pride.

The gentleness of Spotlight may bring the tempo down slightly but the raw emotion in Suzi’s voice on this track is one to savour. The subtlety of the vocal range perfectly complements the lyrics and will leave the listener humming along with a tear in their eye.

It can’t be easy for some musicians, no matter their calibre or reputation, to attempt to make a comeback or even produce a second album after so long away from the public eye. However when you have the guile and spirit that Miss Quattro has in spades then no matter how long you have been away, it still sounds pretty awesome. --- Ian D. Hall,


Pierwszy od pięciu lat nowy studyjny album legendarnej królowej glam-rocka! W ciągu 40-letniej kariery Suzi Quatro sprzedała 50 milionów egzemplarzy płyt na całym świecie i umieściła na międzynarodowych listach wiele przebojów, m. in. "Can The Can" i "Devil Gate Drive". Z powodzeniem występowała też w telewizji ( w serialach "Happy Days", "Minder" i Midsomer Murders", na scenie ("Annie Get Your Gun") i jako prezenterka radiowa.

Na nowym albumie powróciła do współpracy ze swoim pierwszym twórcą i producentem Mike'em Chapmanem, który krył się również za sukcesami Sweet, Mud, Smokie i Tiny Turner i który wyprodukował bestsellerowe albumy Blondie, Pat Benatar i The Knack. Wśród 11 zamieszczonych na płycie kompozycji, 4 to nowe piosenki autorstwa właśnie Chapmana i dwie napisane przez Suzi. Nie zabrakło też coverów; warto zwrócić uwagę na "Strict Machine" Goldfrapp i "Breaking Dishes" Rihanny.

Dodatkową atrakcją jest bonusowy utwór "Singing With Angels" - muzyczny hołd, jaki Suzie złożyła Elvisowi Presleyowi. W jego nagraniu wziął udział James Burton, gitarzysta Króla oraz nagrywający z nim chórek The Jordanaires. ---

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