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01 – Take It Or Leave It
02 – Inside Out
03 – If We’re Livin’		play
04 – Dirty Game		play
05 – Watch Yourself Grow
06 – Raise Your Glasses
07 – Singing Stormy Weather
08 – Big Attraction
09 – All That She Brings
10 – Fork In Your Tongue

Backing Vocals – Benny Wolf, Ella Thompson, Jorge Balas, Kylie Audlist, Travis Fraser
Banjo – Jorge Balas
Bass – Travis Fraser
Drums – Simon Aarons
Guitar – Benny Wolf, Jorge Balas
Harmonica – Pat Carmody
Organ – Andy Burns
Pedal Steel Guitar – Benny Wolf
Percussion – Simon Aarons
Piano – Andy Burns
Saxophone – Austin Ley
Trombone – Wes Mowson
Trumpet – Miles Izzo
Vocals – Pat Carmody


"Proto-metal" (as it is now being called) is essentially what Led Zeppelin were doing in their heyday, and what My Dynamite are bringing back today - but with a twist. Their particular brand of blues-influenced Rock 'n' Roll remains catchy and melodic at all times, whilst never becoming boring.

The vocals are truly typical of this kind of music: totally hook-driven and catchy. Partrick Carmody was very obviously raised on good old Rock 'n' Roll bands and you can really hear the 70s/80s influences in his singing. He blasts his way through the album with phenomenal gusto and real determination, never once sounding out of time or out of place. He occasionally employs a brief scream/shout, which again doesn't sound out of place, and just serves to add an extra dimension to the music. There are songs like Dirty Game in which the rest of the band contribute towards the vocals as well, just to give a real backing punch to the lyrics; which are, for the most part, of standard 'Deep South' living, girls and booze.

At the same time, the vocals don't take away from the instrument lines; they still remain a large part of the music, not just simply as a background idea. There are a lot of Lynyrd Skynyrd-esque riffs, such as the intro to Watch Yourself Grow or almost the whole of If We're Livin'; the latter of which relies on the guitar crunch to drive it through. Of course, there are guitar solos, in ample quantity, but that's precisely what you expect from these guys. The solos are never overtly technical, more slow and punchy. There's also a fantastically done Harmonica solo during opener Take It Or Leave It, which really does to show just how musically technical My Dynamite are.

Don't be fooled into thinking that this band is only really capable of doing fast-paced rock though, songs like Singing Stormy Weather show that even when they slow it down and pack the song full of slow-groove they are capable of making it catchy and danceable.

Anyone should like this, regardless of regular musical taste. It's crunchy enough to win over fans of heavier music like AC/DC or even Black Sabbath (it's certainly ballsy enough to be taken seriously) and melodic and bluesy enough to draw in fans of traditional rock and blues like The Rolling Stones. ---

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My Dynamite - Otherside (2017) My Dynamite - Otherside (2017)

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1 	Round The Bend 	5:38
2 	Witch Hat 	3:48
3 	So Familiar 	5:26
4 	State We're In 	3:53
5 	Can't Tell Lies 	5:28
6 	Love Revolution 	6:36
7 	Motortalkin' 	3:34
8 	Otherside 	5:56
9 	Don't Steal The Light 	5:34

Patrick Carmody (vocals)
Jorge Balas (guitar)
Benny "The Bloodhound" Wolf (guitar)
Travis Fraser (bass)
Simon Aarons (drums)


My Dynamite’s eponymous debut in 2012 created quite a buzz for the Australian outfit, notably landing them an opening slot with legendary southern rockers Lynyrd Skynyrd. Why it has taken this long to deliver a follow up, I do not know, but the intervening years have not dulled the group, who still display the exuberance and vigour that served them well five years ago on Otherside.

The phrase that keeps coming back to me whilst listening to Otherside is ‘feel good’. Not necessarily for the lyrical content, but for the overall vibe the record gives off. There’s an inviting warmth to it all that just draws you in. It’s predominantly laidback, groovy rock with a soulful, southern tinge; the sort of thing that’s perfect for toe tapping with a cold brew on a warm summer afternoon. The band plant themselves right in that retro, ’70s style sound with a basic, no frills production that greatly suits their material. Riffs bump and grind with a bluesy swagger in the vein of the Stones, Black Crowes or Aerosmith, with Pat Carmody’s voice, at times drawing from the well of Steven Tyler and Chris Robinson, only likely to further these comparisons. Riffs don’t rule the roost however, as My Dynamite bring a wealth of other influences to expand the musical repertoire of Otherside.

The band set out their stall from the off with the infectious boogie of “Round the Bend”, a catchy rock n’ roller with a generous helping of harmonica, slide guitar and piano to give it a honky tonk feel. “Witch Hat” continues the momentum with another bouncing foot stomper with some rather sumptuous guitar licks. “State We’re In” has more drive and urgency about it; it’s thumping march and irresistible rhythms sure to get the body moving. The cool, sharp riff of the title track is offset by a soulful, uplifting chorus; the lead guitar trade off and sing along melody in the closing passages one of those moments that’s sure to come alive in the live environment. It will definitely lend itself well to an improv ending in concerts; in all honesty, it could’ve gone of for another five minutes on record and it still wouldn’t have overstepped the mark. The reserved acoustic number, “Can’t Tell Lies”, is fantastic, well served by a monstrous vocal hook in the chorus, and at this point just seeing the title has the song playing in my head. Closer “Don’t Steal the Light” is just as subdued, but is more tender and threadbare in its approach, as strings and maracas accompany the acoustic pluckings that play under Carmody’s vocals; a quietly potent way to close out proceedings.

There are some minor hiccups in the form of the forgettable “Love Revolution” and “Motortalkin’”, but thankfully, nothing here is flat out bad. Also, whilst some of the stronger tracks are undeniably good, they teeter on the cusp of brilliance but come up agonisingly short, which is quite irksome. Indication that My Dynamite are on the right path, but miss out on that something special a little too often. Otherside is still a good album regardless of these drawbacks, and is suitable for anyone who likes rock n’ roll with plenty of groove, harmonies and a bit of southern/country flair. ---drbunning,

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