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01. Ante Bellum Overture (Intro)
02. Blood of the Prophets
03. Grave of Love
04. Bard’s Tale
05. Warrior’s Moon
06. Face of Destiny
07. The Heretic
08. Behind the Walls of Sadness
09. Angel of Divine
10. Valley of the Dead
11. When the Time Has Come
12. The Healing Hands of Destruction

Boguslaw "Bibas" Balcerak – guitar, bass guitar;
Carsten "Lizard" Schulz – vocal (02, 05, 06, 08, 10, 12);
Mark Boals – vocal (04, 06, 11, 12);
Goran Edman – vocal (03, 09, 11, 12);
Kamil Wyziński – bass guitar;
Tomek "Zawad" Zawadzki – bass guitar;
Łukasz Dybalski – keyboards;
Marcin "Kanclerz" Kwasny – drums


Prog rock lovers, beware! This album has nothing to do with progressive rock music whatsoever. Boguslaw Balcerak's Crylord is a Polish power metal band and that is what you get on this album: true neo-classical power metal! Guitar player and band leader Boguslaw Balcerak comes up with twelve classic power metal tracks in the vein of Yngwie Malmsteen. So, listen to it and marvel at huge riffs, fast arpeggios, dynamic rhythms, speedy melodic guitar solos and powerful, dramatic vocal parts. Guest singers on this album are Mark Boals (Yngwie Malmsteen, Ring Of Fire), Carsten Schulz (Evidence One) and Goran Edman (Yngwie Malmsteen, Karmakanic). So if you're into power metal mixed with influences from classical composers like Beethoven, Chopin and Mozart, then you're in for a treat with this album. For me it's all a bit too much as the music sounds rather old-fashioned. All songs tend to sound alike, which is mainly due to the very familiar riffs and guitar melodies. Furthermore I'm not really a fan of the voice of Mark Boals, so four songs sung by him are already too much according to my taste. Best songs are the power ballads Valley Of The Dead and When The Time Has Come, but there's nothing new under the sun! However, for Malmsteen aficionados this debut album of Boguslaw Balcerak's Crylord certainly is a must! --- Martien Koolen,


14 października 2011 miał premierę projekt polskiego gitarzysty Bogusława Balceraka. Pełna nazwa zespołu to Bogusław Balcerak's Crylord, a album Blood Of The Prophets został wydany przez Lion Music. Na krążku zaśpiewało trzech wokalistów: Carsten Schultz (Evidence One, Domain), Mark Boals (Ring Of Fire, Yngwie Malmsteen) i Goran Edman (Street Talk, Yngwie Malmsteen).

Urodzony w 1972 roku Balcerak rozpoczął naukę gry na gitarze w wieku 16 lat i przez następne lata był członkiem wielu warszawskich zespołów. Formacja Crylord zaczęła się krystalizować w 2007 roku, ale wystąpiły problemy ze znalezieniem odpowiedniego wokalisty w Polsce. Materiał na Blood Of The Prophets został napisany na przestrzeni lat 2008/2009, a nagrania dokonano na jesieni 2009 roku w dwóch polskich studiach nagraniowych. Kiedy piosenki zostały ukończone Balcerak postanowił wysłać je do swoich trzech ulubionych wokalistów: Carstena Schultza, Marka Boalsa, i Gorana Edmana. Wszyscy chętnie przystali na propozycję polskiego gitarzysty. Kiedy na początku 2011 roku wokale zostały ukończone całość została wysłana do Lion Music, gdzie natychmiast zaoferowano Polakowi kontrakt. Wtedy też Balcerak zgłosił się z propozycją do Andy'ego LaRocque'a (King Diamond), aby ten zmasteryzował album. Rezultatem tego jest neoklasyczny, hardrockowy album w stylu takich grup jak Yngwie Malmsteen, Rainbow. ---

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Boguslaw Balcerak's Crylord - Gates of Valhalla (2014) Boguslaw Balcerak's Crylord - Gates of Valhalla (2014)

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01. Passage to the Other Side
02. Gates of Valhalla
03. We Came to Rock
04. Mirrored Eyes
05. Judgment Day
06. Lost Again
07. Deadnight Serenade
08. House of Pain
09. Pompeii
10. War Memorial

Boguslaw Balcerak (Guitars)
Carsten "Lizard" Schulz (Vocals)
Göran Edman (Vocals)
Mark Boals (Vocals)
Rick Altzi (Vocals)
Ricky Wychowaniec (Vocals)
Marcin “Kanclerz” Kwasny (Drums)
Kamil Wyzinski (Bass)
Federico Cordera (Keyboard solos)
Lukasz Dybalski (Keyboard solos)


Born in 1972, Boguslaw picked up the guitar at age 16 and over the years he was in several bands based in his home city of Warsaw, Poland. CRYLORDS’s formation came about in late 2007 but finding a suitable vocalist in his native homeland proved difficult for Balcerak. So he set about recording the instrumental parts for the first planned full lenght album whilst continuing the search for the right vocalists. Once the songs were complete, Boguslaw took the chance to invited three of his favourite vocalists to perform on the album - Mark Boals, Göran Edman and Carsten ‘Lizard’ Schulz - who all accepted their participation after hearing the quality of the music on offer. Some time later everything was in the box and with "Blood On The Prophets" (released via Lion Music) an extraordinary debut was presented in 2011.

For album No. 2, BOGUSLAW BALCERAK has gathered again a real Metal vocal elite around him, especially the well-known singing artists Carsten "Lizard" Schulz (Evidence One, Book Of Reflections, ex Domain), Rick Altzi (Masterplan, At Vance, Epysode) and Neo-Classical legends Mark Boals (ex Malmsteen, ex Royal Hunt, Ring Of Fire, Iron Mask) and Göran Edman (ex Malmsteen, Karmakanic, Brazen Abbot) are particularly worthy of mention. The result is an impressive Neo-Classical Metal masterpiece that shines with fantastic and song matching vocals, the exceptional and stunning guitar work of the master himself, lots of fastidious progressive elements and structures and melodies that will dig into the ear canals. Three years after his much-publicized debut, BOGUSLAW BALCERAK'S CRYLORD are back with their second blast "Gates Of Valhalla" and are definitively a real contender for the current Neo-Classical Metal throne. ---


The project type album is now within grasp given the tight nature of studio budgets and the wide talent pool available through the internet. Polish guitarist Boguslaw Balcerak started this Power Metal outfit BOGUSLAW BALCERAK’S CRYLORD 5 years ago in 2009, releasing the first album “Blood of the Prophets” in 2011 to a decent response in terms of written reviews. The follow up “Gates of Valhalla” contains many of the same guest vocals that appeared on the previous effort, along with MASTERPLAN/ AT VANCE vocalist Rick Altzi and TEMPLE OF SIN singer Ricky Wychowaniec offering two more melodic perspectives.

Ultimately the material is in the neo-classical power metal mold, certainly favoring those who love SYMPHONY X and especially anything related to YNGWIE MALMSTEEN. This means high octane screams, thunderous chops, and of course shredding that can transpose the best of Bach, Beethoven, and Paganini in one. Göran handles the vocals through charm and grace on the ballad “Lost Again” – a 7:35 epic that should have many hearts racing as Fererico and Boguslaw trade off beautiful, emotional-oriented keyboard/ guitar breaks.

Carsten handles a lot of the mid-tempo to slightly faster arrangements, coming out the gate swinging on the cruising opener “Passage to the Other Side” and reaching killer high sustaining notes for that chorus, while also captivating in that darker, mystical mode for another favorite “Deadnight Serenade”. For a change of pace it is refreshing to hear former YNGWIE singer Marc Boals handle a more straightforward, melodic metal piece like “We Came to Rock” – as I think this song is just addictive in a good time way, the riff and groove melding as one in that late 80’s / early 90’s manner while Boguslaw again delivers through smoldering finger tricks and licks the passion and fury of this style.

These 10 songs are not mere exercises in show-off Power Metal – Boguslaw and his compatriots perform in a solid songwriting format where harmonies, melodies, hooks, and a slight ‘groove/tempo’ factor matter – but you will get the chance to hear fantastic drumming, bass work, and keyboard displays. The Rick Altzi sung “Judgment Day” and “Pompeii” are two numbers to really key on musically, both impressive in terms of pacing, technique, and comfortable transitions and instrumental expertise that show these players know their neo-classical power metal through and through.

A dramatic improvement to my ears, “Gates of Valhalla” should ensure neo-classical oriented Power Metal mavens another record to champion in 2014. ---Matt Coe,

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