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01 - All Because Of You
02 - Bad Luck
03 - It's Not About You
04 - Unfinished Business
05 - Bring It On Home
06 - Gotta Slow Down
07 - A Better Day
08 - Nothing In Chicago For Free
09 - In Too Deep
10 - You Don't Know

Bass – Mat Beable
Drums – Wayne Proctor
Guitar – Alan Nimmo, Stevie Nimmo
Organ [Hammond] – Rupert Black (tracks: 7)
Vocals – Alan Nimmo, Stevie Nimmo


Once you've heard 'Picking Up The Pieces' the phrase 'the best Texas band never to come out of Texas' would not go amiss. Perhaps the fact that the Nimmo Brothers hail from Scotland explains the quandary as to why they are one of the great undiscovered Rock/blues bands of our time. 'Picking Up The Pieces' is the kind of album that should quickly redress the balance.

This CD gloriously underlines all those reasons why their ardent fans have been extolling the band's praises for a number of years. From the opening riff driven 'All Because of You' onwards - the kind of song Storyville would love to have written - this is a rock blues avalanche that propels the band effortlessly through 10 outstanding tracks before finally finishing with a subtly crafted down-home acoustic end-piece.

The Brothers Nimmo Alan and Stevie are scintillating guitarists, emotive singers and excellent song writers. This is the Scottish outfit's fifth and best ever album and its full of crucial riffs, great solos, memorable hooks and a surprisingly high production standard that superbly captures the band's core dynamic. All ten tracks gloriously showcase a band with real substance and no little swagger, though it's a brooding confidence that is channelled appropriately into exciting new avenues.

Anyone who has seen this band will know The Nimmo Brothers are hardly likely to hide their light under a bushel and true to form they soar into overdrive squeezing out every possible spark and making each note tell throughout an inspired, well paced and thoughtfully sequenced album. And once they've suckered you into to a song like 'It's Not About You', they add that little bit extra, in this case a vicious guitar surge that gives the number an unbelievable sense of drive.

Indeed, it's that sense of restlessness and unfettered raw passionate brand of rocking blues that makes this album an essential purchase. There's a real sense of light and shade in the playing throughout all 10 tracks, while three heavy duty shuffles comfortable channel the band's raw power. The outstanding tracks are real gems, starting with the big drum sound and jet propelled intensity of "All Because of You" and the startling emotional vitriol of 'Nothing in Chicago For Free'.

The latter is a Texas style shuffle, with an impassioned Stevie Nimmo vocal performance and a huge guitar line that drives this juggernaut of a track towards its glorious conclusion.

But there's more as the Nimmo's surpass themselves with a poignant Little Feat influenced slice of Americana on 'A Better Day'. The song has an epic quality and is routed in the band's last US tour and conclusively proves them to be much more than a guitar driven powerhouse outfit in search of its own tail. And while 'Chicago' and 'A Better Day' are both heavy duty songs, the slide led 'Unfinished Business' might have been written with one eye on what's left of FM radio.

The Nimmo Brothers are simply one of the few bands that have all the key ingredient of real musical acumen, memorable songs and an unbridled burning passion for their rocking blues. The fact they have managed to effortlessly transfer their undoubted strengths into CD format makes them almost unique.

But subtle restraint and clever song writing aside, The Nimmo's can also rock out with the best of them. Listen to the guitar feast of 'Bring it On Home' and the slide led acoustic break and processed voice of 'In Too Deep'. Like the album as a whole it doesn't get much better than this. ---Pete Feenstra,

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The Nimmo Brothers - Brother To Brother (2012) The Nimmo Brothers - Brother To Brother (2012)

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01. Still Here Strumming 	03:47
02. Lady Luck	 03:38
03. Coming Around Again 	03:54
04. For You 	04:35
05. Sneaking Up On You 	05:11
06. Never Gonna Walk On Me		 04:50
07. Living Again		 04:49
08. Waiting For My Heart To Fall 	04:41
09. All I Need Inside	 03:40
10. Wishing Well 	03:31
11. King And Country		05:52
12. The Shape I'm In	03:43

Stevie Nimmo (all guitars, vocals)
Alan Nimmo (all guitars, vocals, bass - #8, drums - #7)
Michael Ramos (Hammond B3 - #8,11)
Sébastian Vaivrand (Hammond B3 - #4)
Bill Whitbeck (bass - #1-5,7,10)
Jimmy Pettit (bass - #6,9,11,12)
Jamie Oldaker (drums)


Brother To Brother is the latest release from The Nimmo Brothers. Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, The Nimmo Brothers have been around the blues rock scene for over 15 years. Their chemistry and experience show through in spades on Brother To Brother.

The album opens with a rocker, “Still Here Strumming,” and right away you know you’re in for something great. Brother To Brother continues to rock right on into “Lady Luck,” which features great vocals and soloing in what is a definite album highlight. The vocals are fantastic throughout with phrasing at times reminiscent of greats like Paul Rodgers and Warren Haynes. Haynes seems to be an influence on The Nimmo Brothers as “Never Walk On Me” features a riff that would fit great on a Gov’t Mule album. It’s also obvious Free is a major influence on the band as Brother To Brother even includes a cover of “Wishing Well.” It’s nice to hear a modern recording of a 40-year-old song.

Having been around as long as The Nimmo Brothers have it’s a bit puzzling why they aren’t more well known. Brother To Brother has it all with great hooks, incredible playing, and most importantly, great songs. It is an impressive release that can not only be appreciated by blues rock fans, but a wider audience as well. The Nimmo Brothers have proven they are one of top blues rock acts today. --- Pete Francis,

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