Aretha Franklin – Sweet Passion (1977)

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Aretha Franklin – Sweet Passion (1977)

1. Break It To Me Gently 03:20 
2. When I Think About You 04:47 
3. What I Did For Love 07:11 
4. No One Could Ever Love You More 03:20 
5. A Tender Touch 03:57 
6. Touch Me Up04:41 
7. Sunshine Will Never Be The Same 03:37 
8. Meadows Of Sprigtime 
9. Mumbles/Introduction: I've Got The Music In Me 03:37 
10. Sweet Passion 07:11


Except Sweet Passion. This one was good from beginning to ...

Franklin's mid-to-late Atlantic Seventies releases were very hit or miss affairs, as she tried to stay current and hip. None of them save Sparkle are on US CD. She was always adventurous and involved, but the music and the material were not up to snuff, or even suited to her talents. Except Sweet Passion. This one was good from beginning to end, with tiptop players, hook-laden cuts, Aretha duetting herself a number of times, and an atmosphere of fun. She looks nifty on the cover too.

Unavailable in CD form in the US, it has been released on CD by Warners EU in Europe, and will perhaps make its way to US shores. Listening to this on CD was like reliving the taste of a favorite wine. ---Victor Thomas,

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