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Petite Fleur (Little Flower)

Jazz Notes
Petite Fleur (Little Flower)

Who was the New Orleans jazz pioneer who did most to make this music a unique art form? When this question is asked, the name of Louis Armstrong invariably comes to mind, and rightly so. But there is another jazz musician whose name deserves to be coupled with Armstrong as the greatest of the New Orleans Jazz players. His name is Sidney Bechet.

In fact, Sidney Bechet was the first important jazz soloist on records in history (beating Louis Armstrong by a few...

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Sergei Prokofiev – Symphony No.1 ‘Classical’

Classical Notes
Sergei Prokofiev – Symphony No.1 ‘Classical’

Prokofiev’s “Classical Symphony” looks both backwards and forwards; backwards to the classical model of Haydnesque orchestration and form, and forward to a new musical genre: neo-classicism.

The Classical model places great importance on proper courtly manners, symetrical and logically layed-out proportions, and clear contrasts. Classical symphonies are differentied with their smaller orchestrations and shorter durations when...

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Guantanamera – A Song of Liberty and Love

Latin French, Italian Notes
Guantanamera – A Song of Liberty and Love

Guajira is a musical form which evokes a rural ambience in its texts, instrumentation and style. In the years around 1900 a style of guajira emerged in association with Cuban music theater. The music is a mixture of 3/4 and 6/8 rhythms. According to Sánchez de Fuentes, its first section is in a minor key, its second section in a major key.


In general, the songs in this repertoire are no longer well known in Cuba. Hence, for most...

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Blue Velvet

Pop and Misc. Notes
Blue Velvet

After the success of his song "Blue on Blue" (#3 in mid-1963), Vinton decided to record an album of "Blue" songs ("Blue Moon," "Blue Hawaii," "Am I Blue," etc). As he was picking up sheet music in Nashville, Vinton received a gift from publisher Al Gallico: a copy of "Blue Velvet," which in 1951 was the last major hit for Tony Bennett. The song fit very well with Vinton's project, as every song on the album had "Blue" in the title.

Blue Velvet

‘Blue Velvet’ is a popular...

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No Woman No Cry by Bob Marley

Pop and Misc. Notes
No Woman No Cry by Bob Marley

No Woman No Cry is a title of a song written by Bob Marley, a famous Jamaican Reggae artist. The meaning of “No Woman No Cry” is controversial.

I’ve thought that the meaning is “There is no woman who does not cry”. However, someone says the meaning is “Women! Do not cry !”. It would be rendered "No, woman, nuh cry" in Jamaican Patois. The "nuh", which makes a shorter vowel sound for "no", is the equivalent of the contraction "don't".

No Woman...

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