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Gaetano Donizetti - Lucia di Lammermoor (Pretre) [1995]

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Gaetano Donizetti - Lucia di Lammermoor (Pretre) [1995]

1. Act I, Scene 1: Percorrete Le Spiagge Vicine
2. Act I, Scene 1: Tu Sei Turbato!
3. Act I, Scene 1: Cruda, Funesta Smania
4. Act I, Scene 1: Oh, Giorno!
5. Act I, Scene 1: La Pietade In Suo Favore
6. Act I, Scene 2: Ancor Non Giunse!
7. Act I, Scene 2: Regnava Nel Silenzio
8. Act I, Scene 2: Quando, Rapito In Estasi
9. Act I, Scene 2: Egli S'avanza! La Vicina Soglia
10. Act I, Scene 2: Sulla Tomba Che Rinserra
11. Act I, Scene 2: Qui Di Sposa Eterna Fede
12. Act II, Scene 1: Lucia Fra Poco A Te Verra
13. Act II, Scene 1: Appressati, Lucia; Il Pallor Funesto
14. Act II, Scene 1: Soffriva Nel Pianto
15. Act II, Scene 1: Che Fia?-Suonar Di Giubilo
16. Act II, Scene 1: Se Tradirmi Tu Potrai
17. Act II, Scene 1: Ebben?-Di Tua Speranza
18. Act II, Scene 1: Ah, Cedi, Cedi, O Piu Sciagure
19. Act II, Scene 1: Al Ben De' Tuoi, Qual Vittima

1. Act II, Scene 2: Per Te D'immenso Giubilo
2. Act II, Scene 2: Dov'e Lucia?
3. Act II, Scene 2: Chi Mi Frena In Tal Momento?
4. Act II, Scene 2: T'allontana, Sciagurato
5. Act III, Scene 1: Orrida E Questa Notte
6. Act III, Scene 1: Qui Del Padre Ancor Respira
7. Act III, Scene 2: D'Immenso Giubilos S'innalzi
8. Act III, Scene 2: Deh! Cessate Quel Contento!
9. Act III, Scene 2: Oh! Qual Funesto Avvenimento!
10. Act III, Scene 2: Eccola!-Il Dolce Suono
11. Act III, Scene 2: Ohime! Sorge Il Tremendo Fantasma
12. Act III, Scene 2: Ardon Gl'Incensi
13. Act III, Scene 2: S'Avanza Enrico!
14. Act III, Scene 2: Spargi D'amaro Pianto
15. Act III, Scene 2: Si Tragga Altrove, Alisa!
16. Act III. Scene 3: Tombe Degli Avi Miei
17. Act III. Scene 3: Fra Poco A Me Ricovero
18. Act III. Scene 3: Oh, Moschina! Oh, Fato Orrendo!
19. Act III. Scene 3: Tu Che Dio Spiegasti L'ali

Anna Moffo
Carlo Bergonzi
Ezio Flagello
Mario Sereni

RCA Italiana Opera Orchestra and Chorus
Georges Pretre – conductor


This is a real treat for fans of opera. Soprano Anna Moffo as Lucia, tenor Carlo Bergonzi as Edgardo in a well-preserved, digitally remastered recording. The album may also serve as a companion/soundtrack to the 1971 film also starring Anna Moffo, with tenor Lajos Kozma. Lucia was probably Anna Moffo's greatest role. She sang a rather terrific Madame Butterfly but I believe she probably considered Lucia as a role of a lifetime. It suited her perfectly. Anna Moffo was one of the first sopranos who "glamorized" opera, along with Maria Callas. In the 50's and early 60's, directly after World War II, it seemd that Maria Callas was the definiative diva but people forget that many stars were also on the rise.

Anna Moffo looked like Audrey Hepburn, could have been an actress if she wanted to but she was one heck of an opera singer. Her voice was lighter and higher than Maria Callas, not heavy and dramatic or fiery and furious. This is the right kind of voice for certain "dying heroine" roles in opera. And believe me, that's a repertoire in itself- Madame Butterfly (dies in the end) Lucia (dies in the end) Mimi from La Boheme (dies)Violetta in La Traviata (dies). Get the picture ? Anna Moffo's innocent, charming and sweet voice is capable of inducing tears in the love scenes and death scenes.

Opera is a universe within itself. To the unenlightened, it's big people singinig with big voices and elitist cakes for the rich to eat. None of this is true. Opera is an inspiring and whole art form, in which music feeds the soul. The stories are of tragic love because only through death can we appreciate love in our own lifetime. Lucia is the story of a doomed Scottish noblewoman, forced to marry against her will and betray her true love Edgardo by her scheming brother. The result- she goes crazy and kills her husband on their wedding night, which leads to her own death which motivates the grieving Edgardo to commit suicide. As mentioned, there's a rather outstanding old film in 1971 starring Moffo as Lucia and Lajos Kozma as Edgardo. This album may have been recorded earlier. Certainly, Moffo is making the better performance here. Carlo Bergonzi is a lot better than Kozma. Bergonzi was a tenor who passionately devoted himself into the integrity of the music and the drama of the text. He becomes Edgardo whole-heartedly. He is the greatest Edgardo ever on record or stage. The sound is good and the chorus is clear and powerful. The music is sublime. Highly recommended. Fans should be delighted. Other Lucias have included Maria Callas (dramatic interpretation, darker, bigger voice, more Italian-sounding) as well as Joan Sutherland (less dramatic, ornate but heavy and dramatic, very showy and flashy) Beverly Sills (along the lines of Anna Moffo- beautiful in the more romantic scenes, a lyric, high coloratura soprano -note how Moffo and Sills shine in such arias as "Soffriva Nel Pianto" "Regnave Nel Silenzio" and the "Mad Scene". Other sopranos include Cheryl Studer as Lily Pons (going way back to the 30's and 40's) and in recent years Lucia has been wonderfully performed by Inva Mulla Tchako ( she sang Lucia in the film "The Fifth Element" starring Bruce Willis in which she dubbed for the opera alien diva). I have seen Russian soprano Anna Netrebko as Lucia and I would love to see Renee Fleming as Lucia. If she has sung it, I wouldn't know but I am sure she would be phenomenal being a lyric soprano and bel canto specialist not to mention a big star in the opera world today. --- Rudy Avila, amazon.com

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