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Strona Główna Muzyka Klasyczna Spontini Gaspare Gaspare Spontini - Le metamorfosi di Pasquale (2019)

Gaspare Spontini - Le metamorfosi di Pasquale (2019)

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Gaspare Spontini - Le metamorfosi di Pasquale (2019)

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Disc 1
1.  Sinfonia 00:06:16
2.  Venga pur, Signor padrone (Frontino, Marchese, Lisetta, Costanza) 00:05:18
3.  Lisetta, che hai a dirmi (Marchese, Lisetta, Frontino, Costanza, Cavaliere) 00:02:55
4.  Senza un soldo al suo comando (Pasquale) 00:03:02
5.  Son dieci anni che giro (Pasquale, Frontino, Marchese) 00:05:34
6.  E perché all'amor mio costui s'oppone (Pasquale, Frontino, Sergente) 00:05:29
7.  Intermezzo 00:01:30
8.  Il caso è brutto assai! (Costanza, Marchese) 00:01:08
9.  Sol per te, mio diletto tesoro (Marchese) 00:05:08
10. Ah, temo che l'amore (Costanza, Lisetta, Barone, Marchese) 00:01:12
11. Ahi, la testa! (Pasquale, Barone, Lisetta, Frontino, Marchese, Costanza) 00:05:02
12. Ma questo che significa (Lisetta, Frontino, Pasquale, Barone, Marchese, Costanza) 00:02:12
13. Come! Cosa! Questa ragazza amabile (Frontino) 00:03:52 

Disc 2
1.  Pasqual, ci siamo (Pasquale, Lisetta) 00:03:26
2.  Parla, Lisetta mia (Pasquale, Lisetta) 00:04:23
3.  Oh, vuoi star fresco affè (Lisetta, Marchese, Costanza, Barone) 00:01:02
4.  Deh, in questo core (Costanza) 00:03:17
5.  Che intese dire! (Barone, Pasquale, Lisetta, Cavaliere, Frontino) 00:02:06
6.  Ah, dov'è chi ha l'ardimento (Lisetta) 00:05:05
7.  Mi voglio divertire con costui (Frontino, Pasquale) 00:01:03
8.  Se a far di qua un bel scampo (All) 00:15:22 

Pasquale - Baurzhan Anderzhanov
Barone - Carlo Feola
Costanza - Michella Antinucci
Il Cavaliere / Un sergente - Daniele Adriani
Lisetta - Carolina Lippo
Il Marchese - Antonio Gares
Frontino - Davide Bartolucci

Orchestra Sinfonica G. Rossini
Giuseppe Montesano - Conductor 

Rec. at: Jesi, Teatro P.G. Pergolesi, 22nd September 2018,
XVIII Pergolesi Spontini Festival


Gaspare Spontini's "Le Metamorfosi di Pasquale," was premiered in Venice in 1802. This one-act farce, on a libretto by Giuseppe Foppa was to be his last work for the Italian stage. After its debut, in fact, the young composer moved on to Paris and then to Berlin and the score of this work was lost until 2016, when it was unearthed in the library of the Dukes of Ursel in Belgium. This 2-album release is a world premiere recording of a Fondazione Pergolesi Spontini di Jesi and Fondazione Teatro La Fenice di Venezia coproduction. Baurzham Anderzhanov stars in the title role, alongside other impressive soloists including Carlo Feola, Michela Antenucci, Daniele Adriani, and others.

Although the title of the work might suggest a certain philosophical heaviness, this is not the case: the metamorphoses refer to the usual goings-on to be found in a farse. Pasquale, a ne’er-do-well servant, who has been seeking his fortune abroad, returns to his hometown, in order to woo his ex-fiancée, Lisette. Falling asleep under a tree he becomes prey to a local nobleman who, wanting to avoid detection from the authorities, exchanges his clothes with Pasquale’s, who in turn intends to profit from the fact that he is now the nobleman. Later, when his disguise is uncovered, he seeks to escape by disguising himself once more, this time as woman. At the end of the opera he sadly, but gracefully, accepts that he has lost Lisette. The metamorphoses thus go no further than a couple of costume changes and Pasquale’s resignation to losing Lisette. It is populated by the usual array of stereotypes, associated with the genre, ones that we have become familiar with through the work of Rossini – the master of the genre and in whose hands it was to reach its maturity, and to whom a comparison is almost inevitable. ---operawire.com

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