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Strona Główna Muzyka Klasyczna Vaccaj Nicola Vaccaj - Romeo and Juliet (2015)

Vaccaj - Romeo and Juliet (2015)

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Vaccaj - Romeo and Juliet (2015)

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Disc 1
1.Giulietta e Romeo: Introduzione (rchestra Filarmonica Marchigiana	1:53 	
2.Giulietta e Romeo, Act I: Aggiorna appena (Coro Lirico Marchigiano V. Bellini)	3:18 	
3.Giulietta e Romeo, Act I: Taci, il mio cenno è dato (Dano Raffanti)	3:12 	
4.Giulietta e Romeo, Act I: Mesta ed ognor languente (Enrico Turco)	1:01 	
5.Giulietta e Romeo, Act I: Ah! Tolga il ciel (Dano Raffanti)	4:27 	
6.Giulietta e Romeo, Act I: O di Capellio generosi amici (Enrico Turco)	2:09 	
7.Giulietta e Romeo, Act I: Con essi pace? (Armando Ariostini)	1:40 	
8.Giulietta e Romeo, Act I: Ciel! Che vedo! Romeo! (Maria José Trullu)	1:37 	
9.Giulietta e Romeo, Act I: Se Romeo t'uccise un figlio (Maria José Trullu)	3:19 	
10.Giulietta e Romeo, Act I: La guerra bramata (Maria José Trullu)	1:55 	
11.Giulietta e Romeo, Act I: Lorenzo (Maria José Trullu)	0:33 	
12.Giulietta e Romeo, Act I: Stanca da lunga veglia (Elena Marinangeli)	3:20 	
13.Giulietta e Romeo, Act I: Ite, e non sia turbata (Enrico Turco)	0:33 	
14.Giulietta e Romeo, Act I: Propizia è l'ora (Maria José Trullu)	1:59 	
15.Giulietta e Romeo, Act I: Sei pur tu che ancor rivedo? (Maria José Trullu)	10:24 	
16.Giulietta e Romeo, Act I: Romeo. Romeo (Maria José Trullu)	2:07 	
17.Giulietta e Romeo, Act I: Parla, i timori acqueta (Dano Raffanti)	4:24 	
18.Giulietta e Romeo, Act I: Cara, deh! Fa che splendere (Armando Ariostini)	3:19 	
19.Giulietta e Romeo, Act I: Va', disponti, e lieta riedi (Dano Raffanti)	2:42 	
20.Giulietta e Romeo, Act I: Olà! (Dano Raffanti)	1:08 	
21.Giulietta e Romeo, Act I: Lieta notte avventurosa (Coro Lirico Marchigiano V. Bellini)	2:16 	
22.Giulietta e Romeo, Act I: Deh! Per pietà t'arresta (Maria José Trullu)	1:19 	
23.Giulietta e Romeo, Act I: Vieni, e reprimi i palpiti (Maria José Trullu)	1:39 	
24.Giulietta e Romeo, Act I: Qual tumulto - Quella tromba è suon ferale (Maria José Trullu)	1:32 	
25.Giulietta e Romeo, Act I: Tace il fragor (Paula Almerares)	3:44 	
26.Giulietta e Romeo, Act I: Giulietta! Ahimè che vedo (Maria José Trullu)	1:13 	
27.Giulietta e Romeo, Act I: Armato in queste soglie (Maria José Trullu)	8:33 	

Disc 2
1.Giulietta e Romeo, Act II: La mischia orribile (Elena Marinangeli)	2:32 	
2.Giulietta e Romeo, Act II: Sposo! Capellio! (Elena Marinangeli)	1:06 	
3.Giulietta e Romeo, Act II: Cieli! Di tue stanze fuori (Enrico Turco)	1:52 	
4.Giulietta e Romeo, Act II: Là riposa il mio germano (Paula Almerares)	7:56 	
5.Giulietta e Romeo, Act II: Porgile, o ciel coraggio (Enrico Turco)	3:07 	
6.Giulietta e Romeo, Act II: Nella tua vittima (Coro Lirico Marchigiano V. Bellini)	0:58 	
7.Giulietta e Romeo, Act II: Cessa. Mi lascia (Dano Raffanti)	0:44 	
8.Giulietta e Romeo, Act II: Ciel tiranno (Dano Raffanti)	2:41 	
9.Giulietta e Romeo, Act II: Ah! Con qual nome (Dano Raffanti	3:48 	
10.Giulietta e Romeo, Act II: Giusto ciel (Dano Raffanti)	2:30 	
11.Giulietta e Romeo, Act II: Voi lo seguite (Enrico Turco)	1:34 	
12.Giulietta e Romeo, Act II: Qual suon (Elena Marinangeli)	1:19 	
13.Giulietta e Romeo, Act II: Addio per sempre (Coro Lirico Marchigiano V. Bellini)	4:06 	
14.Giulietta e Romeo, Act II: E' questo il loco (Maria José Trullu)	5:28 	
15.Giulietta e Romeo, Act II: Ah se tu dormi, svegliati (Maria José Trullu)	3:29 	
16.Giulietta e Romeo, Act II: Ah! Qual sospiro (Maria José Trullu)	6:21 	
17.Giulietta e Romeo, Act II: Schiusa è la ferrea porta (Enrico Turco)	3:28 	
18.Giulietta e Romeo, Act II: Prendimi teco, e involami (Paula Almerares)	7:53 

Dano Raffanti - Capellio, principale fra i Cappelletti e padre di Giulietta (tenor)
Paula Almerares - Giulietta, amante di Romeo (soprano)
Maria José Trullu - Romeo, capo dei Montecchi  (alto)
Elena Marinangeli - Adele, madre di Giulietta (soprano)
Armando Ariostini - Tebaldo, partigiano de’ Cappelletti, destinato sposo di Giulietta (bass)
Enrico Turco - Lorenzo, medico e familiare di Capellio  (bass)

Orchestra Filarmonica Marchigiana
Tiziano Severini - conductor

Recording Venue: Teatro Comunale Pergole, Jesi, Italy
Recorded: 4 and 6 October 1996


Opera buffs may know Nicola Vaccai as one of the last composers of the Neapolitan School: he was a pupil of Paisiello and almost contemporary to Rossini, and was well known in his time, to the point that the last scene of his Giulietta e Romeo was taken to substitute the same scene in Bellini’s I capuleti ed i montecchi because the singers considered Vaccai's music greater than Bellini's. Vaccai’s opera was delivered in the courtyard of Palazzo Ducale in Martina Franca and was based upon the critical edition curated by musicologist Ilaria Narici in 1996 for the first and, until now, only staging of the opera in modern times. ---bachtrack.com


Nicola Vaccaj belonged to the Neapolitan School. He was a pupil of Paisiello and a contemporary of Rossini, whose fame somewhat obscured his own. But he was well enough known and appreciated during his day that an extract from the last Act of his Giulietta e Romeo was chosen as a substitute for the same aria in Bellini’s I Capuleti e I Montecchi for an 1832 performance. This arrangement remained common practice until the end of the 19th century. It’s hard to believe, therefore, that Vaccaj’s most notable success has been neglected for such a long time, since it is “an opera that could easily hold its own among the better-known works in the bel canto canon. It has a taut plot, with a strong libretto written by Romani, and is full of well-constructed ensemble pieces.” ---prestomusic.com

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